When I first noticed my first girlfriend, now wife of 45 years, she was dating another guy that lived across the hall from my dorm room. One Friday night I was in the hall when they came back from a date and went into his room. I finished talking to a couple of guys and they went into their rooms. I stopped outside the room that my wife and the guy went into and could hear the bed move as they got on it. Shortly after I heard my wife tell the guy that she was ready to fuck. Then I heard the bed hitting the wall since they were fucking. I listened until I heard my wife moan as she was coming and then the guy also came. I had an erection and went into the bathroom where I beat off thinking about the girl that I liked being fucked.
I thought that I wouldn't want her anymore knowing that another guy was fucking her but I found that I wanted her even more. I listened outside their door many times during the next few months while they were fucking. I dated two girls but never had intercourse with them since I found myself thinking about the other girl. My wife eventually broke up with the guy and I asked her out. She made me wait until the third date before we fucked. She told me that she wasn't a virgin but that she had only been fucked a few times. I knew that she had sex with the guy across the hall three or four times a week for at least two months. It didn't bother me that she had fucked the other guy, in fact it excited me knowing that she had fucked another guy. Later she told me that she had actually had sex with four other guys before him so I was the sixth guy that she fucked. We have been married for over 45 years and she is the only woman that I have had sex with. She has had sex with about 20 men during our marriage with my permission. I love to fuck her after she gets back the next morning after having spent the night with another man. She is the perfect wife for me since I am a cuckold and have been since I stood outside the guy's dorm room door and listened to my wife being fucked by her fifth boyfriend.

29 days ago

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    • This is what’s wrong with men, they all fuckin fags. This dame sounds like she needs to be punched in the cunt. Every cuck-boy needs to hang himself.

    • Fucking fag wrote this bull shit!

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