Wife's previous lovers

When I first met the girl that became my wife 5 years later, she was dating a guy I know. I wanted to ask her out but didn't because it wouldn't have been right to try and break them up. About 6 months later they broke up and I asked her out and we dated for about a month. Then summer vacation came and she went to her parents about 250 miles from where I lived. She wanted me to visit her during the summer but I didn't have a car that would go that far safely.
Fall came and she started dating a guy that had visited her during the summer and they dated for almost a year and a half. Then she was single again and I asked her out and we found that we were very compatible. One of the things that I liked about her was that she told me right off that she really enjoyed sex and she hoped that I wasn't put off since she fucked her previous boyfriends. I had fucked three girls so that it didn't concern me at all that she had been fucked by her two boyfriends. One time I passed by her second boyfriend in the dorm hallway and he told me that she was a good lay and that he had fucked her a lot. I figured that he wanted to fight me but I just said that she was done with him and was with me now. He repeated that she was a good lay and I told him that I knew she was and that I liked that she was.
Now that we have been together almost fifty years I often think about how many times that my wife's previous lovers fucked her before we got together. I still get erections thinking about them coming inside her. Sometimes when my wife and I are having sex, I picture them between her long legs coming in her.

3 months ago


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    • While fucking my wife she tells me how her previous lovers had fucked her and what the size was of one hung boyfriend and other naughty stories which I too enjoyed and stimulates me to fuck her too hard.

    • I married my wife when she was very young. We were married maybe 4 years when she went on a fucking spree. It lasted for about 10 years. She was going to bars and clubs every night going home with different guys getting fucked .I let her have her fun . I even got to watch her fucking guys. I figured that she was young and needed to get it out of her system. She finally did and we have a great marriage

    • I can relate. My wife separated from her previous husband and went on a fucking spree. One night stands with guys she met on match , fucking guys she already knew and been friends with. She fucked a lot of guys and a lot of guys wanted to fuck her. I know some the guys she fucked. Little jealous they fucked her first. But her blow jobs make up for it.

    • How man lovers did your wife have before you?

    • I feel the same, love thinking of my wife with her previous lovers… yes there was a lot.
      Turns me on thinking of her naked with them on top of her , joined by their penis inside my wife to be.

    • Same here., My wife and I had a conversation before we were married and she told me she had many boyfriends before we met, and that she felt having sex was part of a healthy relationship. She said she hoped I would accept that. She also mentioned after we were married a couple of boyfriends were big. This get's me hot too thinking about her taking a big cock full length up inside her little pussy.

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