Trying to hide my bulge

Hi all
Just thought I’d tell what happened to me yesterday
I had to deliver 2 loads of water to a customer 1 into a new above ground pool and the other into their tank anyway I turned up with my first load and the lady of the house came out and told me to follow her to where the pool was,as I walked behind her I couldn’t help but to check her figure out, she looked a bit chubby but it was hard to tell as she had baggy jeans and jumper on
When we got to the pool it was only half set up the bottom hadn’t been pulled out flat it had to be smoothed out,she said she would get in and smooth out while I get my hoses set up but will have to get changed into some other clothes first
I got set up ready to fill and was waiting for her when she came around the corner I couldn’t believe what she had put on
She was now wearing tight little red track pants and a really low cut loose T-shirt I could fully see her figure now I could see her big camel toe her round ass and her beautiful saggy boobs I just couldn’t believe my luck
She hadn’t put the pool ladder together yet and was using a normal step ladder only on the outside to try and get in and being a shorter sort of girl couldn’t reach the bottom so I held her hand to help her get over the edge and that’s when I looked down and could see her big camel toe spread over the round pool edge she was sort of stuck on it and had to slide off it and into the pool
Once in the pool she stood up and readjusted her shorts and top and started trying to smooth the bottom out,I stood on the outside watching her bending over and then she was down on all fours trying to move the pool floor I was getting awesome look at her boobs down her top even seeing a bit of dark nipple then see moved around and had her round ass in the air and I could see her big chubby lips squeezing out between her ass I couldn’t help it but think about what it would feel like fucking her in that position and almost straight away I could feel my cock twitching in my pants so I just pushed it up against the pool pole it felt so good
She wasn’t having any luck with the pool floor so I adjusted my cock so it was tucked under the top of my pants and jumped in to help
I got straight on my hands and knees behind her and perved my eyes out on her ass pussy and bit of boob for about 5 minutes I was so rock hard that’s when she stood up and asked me to help her pull the sides up a bit I didn’t know what to do if I stand up she will see my big bulge in my pants
She stood there waiting and watching me as I tried to tuck my cock under my waist band of my shorts with out her seeing it.I made my way over to her and could feel her stairing at my cock it was like a rock
She asked if I could help her by standing behind her and try to lift the side up with her at the same time,it wasn’t working with our weight on the bottom so she said we should jump and lift at the same time ,so we tried and every time we jumped my cock would brush her ass she must have felt it I was throbbing hard now
We keep at it moving around the pool pulling it up and every now n then I’d poke my cock into her fat ass cheek and even poking her right on her hole twice
We were nearly finished when I felt her hand rub over my cock and she said I thought that was what I thought it was ur happy down there and asked if she could have a look I agreed and pulled it out for her I asked if she wanted to touch it
She moved next to me and grabbed it and slowly began stroking it I felt like I was going to cum right away so I made her stop and asked if I could take her clothes off
I stripped her pants off and could see the most beautiful bald pussy I’d ever seen then off with the top and her boobs were big and saggy with little button nipples mmmmmso sexy
She got down on her hands and knees and pushed her ass in the air I moved behind her and got on my knees and pulled her ass cheeks apart her pussy was so wet I ran my fingers over it and put them in my mouth oooo she tasted so good
I then grabbed my cock and slowly rubbed it over her lips and she just started pushing back on me before I knew it I was balls deep in her slamming away we were slipping everywhere on the wet plastic it was so intense I couldn’t hold and blew so hard in her as she was contracting on my cock mmmmm
I helped her up and made my way for the truck and as soon as I got up the road I pulled over and pulled my self off again she was hot

24 days ago


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