Even I have Trouble Believing This one.

I was spotting some blood, not much but it worried me. My Doc checked, said it was likely nothing but he referred me to a clinic in Portland for a colonoscopy.
When I arrived, not really wanting to be there very badly, an older nurse showed me into a small room, there sat a very pretty and tiny black nurse.
The older one too my blood pressure, asked a few questions, then told me she let the other nurse handle the rest. I noticed she was grinning when she said that but it never really registered.
The black nurse asked me to remove all of my lower clothing, but she made no move to leave so I asked her if she meant right now. She just nodded, sat there.
So, I dropped my jeans, blushed a little took off my underwear and got on the table.
She then asked me if I needed to relieve myself, I thought she meant take a leak, I told her no. But by now I was sporting a sort of half hard which I was trying my best to hide.
She told me the Doctor did not want me to be erect during the procedure, and again asked me if I needed to relieve that. Before I could answer, she told me she could "assist" if I didn't mind.
I was floored, did she mean....??
It seems she did, she had on latex gloves, reached out and grabbed my erection, and went to work. In no time, it was as big as it can get.
For maybe 4-5 minutes I got the best hand job I ever remember getting in my entire life.
Heck, I was 65 at the time and other than having a couple of Doctors glance at my dick, that was it.
The why of that I never understood, although I sort of think from the Doctor's point of view it was good for business.

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