Nurse, hospital stay, and me

I had surgery and ended up in the hospital after almost kicking the bucket. So the nurses put me in a bed with a monitor and no getting up. I had to pee, and called for the nurse. She wasn't bad looking, and about my age. So I tell her I have to pee. She hands me the plastic whatchamacallit and says there you go. I tell her i can't pee laying down. She says give me a minute and let me go get my aid. She comes back with this cute little black girl and they both help me out of the bed, flip my gown over my shoulder so I'm standing there naked. The nurse tried to hold the plastic cup thing under my dick while trying to hold me from one side. Her aid was trying to hold me from the other side, but I'm so sick I can hardly stand up, and I'm wobbling around trying to get my dick in the cup. Finally the nurse says to her aid, you are going to gave to grab it and hold it in the cup. Without even questioning or pushing back, this black girl grabs my dick and holds it the whole time I peed. Which by the way was very slow. It took about 10 minutes for me to pee, and this girl held my dick the whole time. They had to come back two more times in the night to do the same thing. I think the black girl liked it, because after the first time, she started coming in all the time to see if I needed anything, or just to check on me. She even fluffed my pillow and did other small things for me. I just liked having her handle my dick.

1 month ago

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    • They would have put a catheter in you if you can't pee on your own. More than likely you would already have one put in just before the surgery to keep your bladder empty and the fact that you are on pain management.

    • Hey look it’s that old nurse lady saying nurse shit
      No we’re still not gonna fuck you

    • Why put in a catheter when they have perfectly good slave girls to do it?

    • Wow, now I'm gonna hire a strawberry to just handle my dick while I pee

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