How I met my wife

In 1989 I was 21 I was chatting up this girl also 21 we both had an interest in horses, we talked for a couple of hours and I said, there is a party close to where I live, would you like to come, sure she said is it ok if my girlfriend can come too, girlfriend, you have a girlfriend, yes, ok yes that’s fine I said.
As soon as she hooked up with her girlfriend the pair couldn’t stop touching each other, throughout the night both girls were really nice to me especially the one I was trying to chat up.
Early hours of the morning I said I’m heading home, both of them said they are going too as the party wasn’t that good.
After trying to give them directions how to get home I said you can stay at mine I live not far.
After them staying the one I was chatting up said we should meet again and gave me her number, no mobile in those days!
I called her the next weekend and she was pleased I called, the two of us met up for a drink explaining a few things.
We continued to meet up once a week, we enjoyed each other’s company, as time went on her and her girlfriend stayed at my place a few times.
Then both of them started coming to my place after work just hanging out and relaxing, I wasn’t keen on her friend something about her didn’t feel right.
Life adjusted for us all, both of them stayed at my place more then being at home, my parents bought me a one bedroom open floor flat so we we’re a bit on top of each other, it wasn’t unusual for the two girls to be having sex while I’m in the other room, the bedroom door never closed properly so getting a view was normal, both of them didn’t seem to bother if I saw what was going on, sex for the two of them was only when her friend had a drink.
One evening we were all watching the tv on the bed drinking and eating, after the film the two of them started getting it on, both kissing as the one I’m not keen on started taking her jeans off looked round at me and said, no touching but you can watch.
I moved off the bed sat on a chair and watched both of them from start to finish, it was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.
The more this happened I couldn’t help myself, I can remember jerking myself off watching them, walking around the bed to get a better view, the one I don’t like said if any of stuff comes near me I will kill you, I started cumming into tissues.
The one I didn’t like started getting bossy telling me what to do and calling me a pathetic idiot that no one likes.
I told her to get out and never come but, she shouted that’s fine by me, anyway I was going to let you know I’m moving on with someone else.
When she left the one I like was really upset, she said if one of us was to get bored in the relationship we are to move on, guess she got bored.
My now best friend was happy to stay, she was very quiet for a couple of weeks and slowly started to enjoy herself again, without her girlfriend about we went out together, cinema, walks and watching horses.
A few weeks later I became unwell, she was a massive help and comfort to me, as I was getting better I remember her stroking my face and looking at me and it was then I knew she liked me in a different way.
Back to good health and we had got ourselves a takeaway, after eating it she cuddled up to me and said this is nice.
Nice turned into kissing then clothes on the floor then me licking her pussy and fucking her pussy.
She became sex mad! After all that lesbian stuff she was cock hungry.
18 years later or as they say, the rest is history, we are still happily married.

10 months ago

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