I was the first to eat this 40 yr old divorcee

Don't know what it is ....but every time I make love with a woman for the first time I always kiss & suck my way down to her pussy - and I am delighted when I find a nice furry crotch waiting for me!
I love spending time down there between her soft thighs, her curls in my mouth and across my face, the smell of her twat, the taste of her femaleness!
The view of her slit going between her cute butt cheeks.
I'll stay there to give her an orgasm if she gives me signals to do so....or just slide up her body - sucking and licking and kissing, until she spreads for me, takes me in her hand and shows me where she wants my penis.....

Once I did this with a divorced co-worker, who'd been maried for 20 yrs. She'd flirted with me for 2 months, then invited me for dinner. After dinner we had wine and talked for a few hours. I kept looking up her loose summer shorts, and checked out her cute butt cheeks when she bent or sat cross-legged in front of me on the carpet.
She saw me staring one too many times, and said "Thomas, are you looking up my shorts?" I just kept looking at her crotch, and said softly, "I'd like to make love with you."
You could have heard a pin drop.....
Then she stood up, walked over and took me by the hand,,, down the hall to her bedroom.

We stood kissing for a long time, then her hand went to the zipper on the side of her shorts. She dropped them on the carpet, and I removed her panties, brought them to me face and smelled her....
She giggled and was clearly embarassed.....but not upset.
We stripped each other and I pushed her back onto her big waterbed.
I slid over her and slowly began kissing her mouth, ears, neck..... nipples. And then slid my tongue down across her belly, took her long legs gently in my hands - spread her thighs open, kissed and licked her legs just next to her pussy fur....and then while reaching up and playing with her nipples slowly began tonguing all up and down her moiste pink folds and openings. She bucked and moaned, and squeezed me with her thighs -so hard I had to take hold of her butt cheeks and just hang on as she squirmed in order to keep my face into her crotch! She seemd to be enjoying herself so I stayed between her thighs and gently sucked and licked ....until she reached down and took my hair in her hands and pulled me hard into herself.....and actually growled out an orgasm.
She went limp, and I stayed there, gently messaging her butt cheeks, with my face on her inner thigh, talking softly to her and taking in the aroma of this woman's lovely pussy.
After she recovered we made love any way she wanted...(she rode me to another - mutual- orgasm, because her husband never let her on top)
Over coffee the next morning she told me, "I very nearly jumped right out of bed when you did that to me last night!"
I said, "...what. did what?"
She said, "No one has ever "KISSED" me down there. Not ever!"
I told her, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shock you, or...."
And she interrupted me, "NO! Honey - yes it was a shock - but then I thought, 'he means this as a gift to me'. So, I relaxed.....and Oh My...it felt wonderful!!"

The next time she had me over for dinner.....she fixed us a strong drink, then she said she'd shared what I'd done to her with her card club ladies. They had quite a discussion I guess. Then she said they explained to her what she must now do to me....with her mouth....and my "dick & balls". Those gals were explicit in sharing their techniques.
We had one more large drink.....retired to the living room rug in front of her fireplace....where I shared how we can both enjoy the other's mouth....in "69".
She was an eager student!....and after I pulled out and came on her breasts - she demanded that I stay in her mouth for the next one. She came up smiling, and kissed me very wet lips - after her orgasm!

28 days ago

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    • Tell us more about her hairy pussy. Did the hair creep up her asshole ?

    • The first time I started dating a 54 year old divorcee, my experience eating her pussy was not good.
      We had gone out to dinner and came back to her apartment. She made us a few drinks and started to watch a movie on the couch. The next thing I know her hand is fumbling for my zipper. I unbutton my jeans and pull them down as she's kneeling in front me. I watch as she licks all around my cock and balls.
      I told her that I wanted to eat her pussy and suggested we 69. As she's sucking my cock, she put her pussy near my face and I nearly gagged at the smell. I took a couple of licks and it smelled and tasted like old cum and piss. She obviously had been fucking somebody.
      She was so good at sucking cock, I came in her mouth and that ended it. I never dated her again.

    • Deja Vu -- it was 1975 I was 23. My hot much older neighbor was 45 and a widow. Oral was taboo for women that age then. Job one was getting off her pants, every guy in the trendy complex gave it a shot and much older than me. I would flirt with her at the pool. she wore a modest one piece but seeing her later in bra and panties, she'd kill a bikini. At times she seemed disgusted in my flirting. "I'm almost old enough to be your mom." She was older than 2 aunts. I noticed she'd talk to my well developed pecks. Maybe she didn't like looking at my cocky grin. So I hit the gym more. I notice she drank Pepsi, and I bought her one, She said thanks, I forgot quarters. and I peeled my shirt off. She goes whoa, you got a license for them bazookas? I dated a pro football player -- you're better. I hit the gym more and she's more chummy, It's a TGIF and we both hit the pool around 3. I ask her for burgers and beers at my place. She pause -- I know she thinking if I go back there he's going to fuck me -- he way more persistent than the others. Off we go. We fuck like porn starts till midnight. She had called her late teen kids, who seem happy she's getting laid. Fuck Date 2, she had called and asked if I wanted company. I go down on her and she is shocked. She Love hates it. has me wash my mouth out after she cums in it 3 times.
      Nurse neighbor, a FWB, leaves a note under the door, "Joe206, I hear you have a new fuck friend, Ear to the wall, Linda 208" Weeks later she gives her first blowjob -- shocked when I cum in her mouth. "I don't know why I didn't expected that." She loves BJs soon. She's in therapy over losing her husband. She tells her Mom about me. She tells her fire the shrink, sex with you kid muscle man is all you need -- call him.

    • Most women I fuck that age are trimmed nice. But they live get there pussy lick and salad tossed. Seems most men they had been with had stop doing that.

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