Bride wears beige

My bride wanted to wear a beige dress for our wedding but her mother wanted her to wear the traditional white wedding dress. My bride didn't think that it was right to wear white which indicated that she was virginal since we had been living together (and fucking) for two years. My bride also had two previous boyfriends; the first for a year and the second for nearly two years that she had fucked two or three times a week. She was obviously not a pure virginal bride. Her mother knew that her daughter had been fucking several men for five years. Her family knew that we lived together and it was obvious that we had sex. But my bride's mother wanted her to wear white.
My bride looked fantastic in her beige wedding dress. All her family said that she should have worn a white wedding dress since it was traditional. Her mother said that by wearing beige my bride was admitting that she wasn't a virgin. My bride said that everyone in the family knew that she wasn't a virgin and our friends certainly knew that she wasn't. Do you think that my bride should have worn white?

1 month ago

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    • She should've worn what SHE wanted to, it's her day. Everybody else can eat a large bowl of fuck !

    • Don't worry about it. Finding a virgin bride is like searching for a four leaf clover. Few and far between.

    • My wife was far from being a virgin when I married her. And every one knew that. She started fucking at a very young age. I married her when she was 18 I was 20. I knew that she was with at least 20 guys before me. Her mother wanted her to wear the traditional long white wedding dress. To make a good impression on the rest of the family. They argued about it for weeks. Just before the wedding I asked her if she worked it out with her mom and she said don't worry about it I have taken care of it. Day of the wedding there I was standing there waiting for her to walk out. She had on a white dress all right. Just above her knees. The front was very low cut almost down to her belly button you could see most of her big 38dd tits. The back was opened down to the top of her ass. My cock was starting to get hard watching her walking towards me. Her mother had a fit she was so mad that she left right after she wedding my father looked at me and smiled. Long story short I don't care how many guys she has fucked. She is hot has a body to kill for. We love each other. And she's very experienced in bed. She may be a slut but she's my slut. Just because she fucks other guys doesn't make her a bad wife. I am secure in my manhood to know that it's just sex. And sex doesn't make a marriage sex is for fun and excellent.

    • With a dress like that did all the men at the wedding dance with your wife? Did they caress her butt and hold her breasts while they danced? Was she very horny that night when you finally got in bed? Or did you have any of the men join you fucking your new wife that night?

    • I think I may have danced with her twice that day. All the guys wanted to dance with her. Yes she was getting horny I could see her nippels getting harder through the dress. None of the guys fucked her on are wedding night. But we went to Jamaica for are honeymoon and she did fuck a few jamaican guys from a bar we went to.

    • I assume that the Jamaican guys were black, did their cocks stretch out your wife? My wife said that the biggest guys she ever fucked were black. She also says that she would have married a black guy but didn't want her mother and father to know that she fucked black men. So she married me with my average dick but told me that she wasn't going to be faithful to me and would fuck whoever she wanted. So I am often alone with the kids on the weekends when she visits a mostly black nightclub a few towns away. She get a hotel room and stays there and invites black men to fuck her. She says that it is easy for her to pick up black men and usually fucks three to six during a weekend. Sunday night I get to lick her clean and then I stick my dick into her stretched out sloppy cunt. I love her and I enjoy fucking her then.

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