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After we left our wedding reception and drove to our hotel, we saw a strip joint a few miles from the hotel. After we checked in my wife said that she had never been to one. I asked her if she wanted to go and check it out. She said that she did and would change. I told her that I wanted her to keep her wedding dress on.
When we got to the strip joint and walked in my wife got every guy's attention. We sat at a table and immediately a couple of guys came over and asked us if we had just gotten married. We said that we had and they bought us drinks. Being sociable I asked them to join us. We talked and after several drinks they were sitting on both sides of my bride and were touching her breasts and then had their hands between her legs. I could tell that my bride was getting really horny. I looked at her and said that it was time to leave. We stood up and I asked the two guys if they wanted to follow us to our hotel and join us for some fun. Of course they did. When we got into our room my bride said that she needed to use the bathroom. When she came out she was naked except for her veil. She walked up to one guy and kissed him while his hands rubbed her butt. The other guy got behind her and sandwiched her between them. I told the guys to get undressed and while they did I picked up my bride and laid her down on the bed. I laid down beside her and kissed her. I told one guy to get between her legs and fuck her. When he stuck his dick into her he found that she was a virgin and I kissed her as he broke her hymen. He quickly came inside her and the second guy took his place. He also came quickly. Then I got up and stuck my dick into her while my bride cleaned off their dicks with her mouth. After I came I kissed her and tasted their come on my bride's mouth.
Each of the guys fucked her again and then left. After I let them out I snuggled with my bride and we fell asleep. The next morning my wife asked me if another guy had really taken her virginity. I said that both of the guys had fucked her before me. She told me that she had wanted to be married before someone took her virginity. I said that she was married when a guy did it. She said that she thought that it would be her husband that did it. I said that I also thought that I would be the one that fucked her first after waiting for over a year. But I also told her that I couldn't be upset with two other guys fucking her before me since I invited them to our hotel room and even when they were there I could have told them that I had to be first but didn't since I somehow thought that I wanted to watch her being fucked by other men. Over our now nearly 40 years together, I have been with her every time that other men have fucked her. I love to kiss her while they are between her legs fucking her. While over 200 men have fucked her I have only been with her since I love her so much.

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    • In our case it wasn't our wedding night, but 4 days into our honeymoon. We had agreed on a hotwife marriage months before the big day, and she had sucked and fucked dozens of cocks by then, so when she said she was bored on day 4, I got onto craigslist and lined up 2 middle aged married men to go to our motel room an hour apart and to fill her with cum. she was a VERY willing slut bride and gave them whatever they wanted, and one continued as her lover for several years until he moved interstate.
      That set the tone for our marriage, and 12 years later she continues to give her mouth and cunt to friends and strangers and we're both very happy.

    • WOW! I was there. I remember the dancers got really pissed. I was in line with dick in hand when a dancer walked by and took a whack at my cock with a beer bottle.

    • The dick in your hand was not yours.

    • So, Buster and Rhymin' Hymen had her before you did ? They had to show you how to do it ? LOL ! The silliest part is, she was a virgin, who licked her blood off their dicks ! That's hilarious, you putz !

    • Yes, in a way I wanted to watch them fuck her so that I knew what to do when I got my first turn with her. I didn't think that two virgins fumbling around was going to be a good first experience for her. Her first and second times were great (she said so later when I asked her) and so was my first time with her.

    • The memory of your first try would've been something you'd laugh about for years to come. But, nooooo, you had to let a couple of half-drunk horn dogs tap it first. What a shame ! You don't even have enough guts to step up to the plate to make memories, which are often filled with stumbles and mistakes. Life is for learning, but, you're skipping class.

    • My wife had fond memories of the two men that fucked her before me on our wedding night. When we were ready to have a child, I renewed contact with them and they came over and spent several days fucking her while she was fertile. I was so horny watching them fuck her and get her pregnant but I didn't fuck her until later so that one of them had to be the one that got her pregnant.

    • Didja hear the one about the three little bears ? One of them married a giraffe. The other two had to put him up to it. Ha-motherfucking-ha, you silly twat !

    • Run away Pedo scum !

    • Thank God my husband didn't pull that on our wedding night. My husband didn't start doing stuff like that until we had been married a few years. I don't get why a man would want his wife to be drilled by other men. It just seems gay to me. On the other hand, I have to admit, the orgasms are REALLY strong when my husband is deep kissing me as other men are going to town on me. Back when we started doing that stuff I thought something was seriously wrong with my husband. For a long time I didn't think our marriage would survive his kinks. Thankfully, he mellowed out some and acceptance of what his slut wife kinks are nearly mainstream.

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