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My fiancee told me that she had one boyfriend who had taken her virginity during her sophomore year of college. She dated him for over two years and we got together during senior year. I had dated several girls before her but I was still a virgin since the girls that I was attracted to all wanted to stay virgins until their wedding night. After I first had sex with my fiancee she told me that she wasn't a virgin which I figured out as soon as my dick went into her balls deep without any restriction. I enjoyed having sex with her and was happy that she really liked fucking and didn't mind that another guy had fucked her first.
A week before our wedding I received a package and when I opened it up it contained a stack of over 20 photos of my fiancee with the top photo of her sitting on top of her boyfriend with his dick inside her. I looked through the photos and the first half were all of them fucking. The second half were of my fiancee having sex with other guys. I kept looking at the 10 photos of the 10 more guys with their dicks inside my fiancee. Then I noticed that there was also a flash drive. When I put it in my computer there were videos of my fiancee and more guys fucking her. In some of them it was just one guy and in some as many as three guys fucked her one after the other. In all of them her boyfriend would fuck her after the other guys had come in her. When I counted all the guys, there were another 15 guys that fucked my fiancee.
When I first saw the photos of the guys fucking my fiancee I was mad that her boyfriend had her fuck the guys. But as I watched my fiancee fucking on the videos I noticed that she actually enjoyed them fucking her and she had orgasm after orgasm while they fucked her. Then I decided that I wanted to record her being fucked by many guys. I showed my fiancee the photos and we watched the videos together. My fiancee started to cry and said so I guess the wedding is off. I told her that I loved her and still wanted to marry her but I also wanted her to fuck more guys since I wanted to fuck her after other guys had come in her. We got married and on our wedding night I arranged for four guys to join us in our hotel room. I watched as each one got between my bride's leg and fucked her until they came in her. Then I thanked the guys and sent them on their ways. I got between my bride's legs and she guided me into her just like she had done with the four guys. I came quickly adding my come to the come that was pouring out of her cunt. We went on our honeymoon and it was easy to fine more guys to fuck my bride. She had sex with at least two men every day and I loved the feeling of sticking my dick into her sloppy come filled hole. I also took videos of all the guys fucking her and we often watch them together which always leads to us having great sex. Once a year we go back on vacation to where we had our honeymoon and I get more guys to fuck her.
Everyone including our three children think that my wife and I started dating in college and have never had sex with anyone else. While that is true for me my wife has had sex with over 200 men and there will be more each year when we go on vacation.

26 days ago

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    • I was Googling older couples having sex, because I was looking for pointers to satisfy my younger horny wife. I'm 65, she's 55. looks 45 -- wants to fuck a lot. You'd never guess this church going pretty lady is such nympho. I see older couples doing on padded tables, the guy standing and really letting his lady have it -- going to try that. Scroll down -- OMG, a young guy is fucking my Karen! It looks like a spy cam in a motel room shot. She's around mid 40's, he's late 20's. Every year she goes to the beach with her girls for a week. I'm sure it's not her lover taking pictures. That would be dumb taking pictures of fucking a married woman, then posting them. I heard gossip she had a local lover 15 years ago -- if was true I'm sure it ended. Not happy, but not going to leave her. Used it as and excuse bed a young lady from my gym. So I'm no saint. I haven't confronted her, she'd be too upset her church friends and neighbors saw it. Don't want confront the website, it's a site promoting older couples having sex. And I'd have to have Karen tell them that's me and not my husband and you don't have my permission. Then there's they risk they could blackmail us.

    • My wife's (Jill) college boyfriend (Bob) was the photo guy for the school newspaper. We never met till we were both 26. Early 40's were moving from our starer house and I come across 4 shoe boxes with with naked college days pictures of her, DVDs with not so amateur porn, staring her. Some have a second girl as her roommate -- briefly showing her tits then she is the cameraman for Bob fucking Jill. I said we better hide these. She said she didn't know to show me or not, maybe we should destroy them? no Way. She's hot as fuck for 40's, at 19 she was crazy hot. One catch, does he have copies? Probably, but don't worry, he knows about the legal end -- and he's not like that to sell them.
      Will he show buddies. "You asked permission to show a few -- he lives 2,000 away. so what if he does."

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    • Awesome wife. My wife has also had sex with over 200 men and I love watching her have sex.

    • Dream on loser! How many Std's did she get?

    • Would love to see...

    • Even More Bull shit give us a break! Why do you write this bull shit to degrade women? Really why? Tell us the truth please?

    • Cuz bitches have holes good to fuck and we do it and take pix and they good pix and you jack it to them but not bitches like you cuz you a old bitch

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