My mother died when I was 12 and my Dad never remarried. My Dad died at 18. I got married at 22 but, I lost my wife to cancer after 35 years of marriage. My grown children left the nest a few years before my wife died. The only living older relative I have is my Mother-in-law. She was born in Italy and has been widowed for decades. We get along very well and she's always complimented me and told me how lucky her daughter is(was). Her husband (my father-in-law) was a good man to me, but could be controlling and critical of my Mother-in-law. I always felt she had low self-esteem as a result. My wife and her siblings also seemed to take advantage of her. I have always really loved my Mother-in-law, but felt embarrassed to tell her while I was married to her daughter. Last month, I had arranged for a day trip with my MIL, away from the city. We were having a wonderful time. I finally got up the courage to tell her how much she meant to me and how wonderful I thought she was. I told her that I wished she was my wife. She laughed it off for a few minutes, but then looked me seriously in the eyes and said, 'You really do love me don't you?' She added, 'Would you really want someone old and useless like me as your wife?' I explained to her my reasons for loving her and I told her that I would like her to be my wife so that we could be intimate -- like a husband and wife can only do. (She is Catholic and old-fashioned, so she understood what I meant). She confessed that she wished that she was my wife, but, that she was too old. I asked her to marry me right then and she said yes! I wanted to tell everyone, but she said it would ruin the family if they knew our new relationship. We have secretly married at city hall and had a very supportive and understanding Priest give us a proper church ceremony. To our surviving family it seems odd that we spend so much time together, but we maintain separate homes on the same block, so we don't get a lot of questions. My wife/MIL had been very nervous about intimacy, so I had not rushed her. Last night was our first time together...our honeymoon night if you will. It was so wonderful! I felt like a young man again and my wife/MIL told me I made her feel like a young and desirable woman. I really don't think I will be able to keep my hands off her from now on. I never thought I would be this happy again for the rest of my life. My wife is an amazing woman.

1 month ago

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    • I was only into mom when I was 11 to 16 then YOUNGER girls and boys or men w BIG cocks and a lot of cum to eat and cocks to get fucked by

    • Sex with mother-in-laws seen to be fairly common. When my marriage broke down I remained on good terms with my separated mother-in-law and single sister-in-law. Yes, it happened, we had sex. They both lived in a town 5 hours drive away so it wasn't an everyday thing but when we could we travelled to stay a weekend which always included sex. Both mother-in-law and sister-in-law knew about each other having sex with me and on several occasions they both travelled together to me for a weekend. I'm not going to say that the sex was mind blowing, in fact mother-in-law was quite passive in bed. As I was 'snipped' I could also cum in sister-in-law with no fear of pregnancy. Did we have threeways? Only once which I though was great but surprisingly it was sister-in-law that didn't want to repeat it and mother-in-law was OK with it. Time has moved on and we are no longer in contact but it was a good two years.

    • My mother in law is only 42
      She caught me jacking it to pictures of her on Facebook
      Oy vey

    • WTF? She must be 80 or so

    • I secretly married my uncle (not blood related). We are only 9yrs apart. My aunt died texting and driving in a car accident, and my husband died riding his motorcycle just a few months apart from each other. I moved in with him and after 2 years we started hooking up. I already had 3 kids, and he had 4, so we figured it would benefit us both to move in and raise all of them together, and that’s how we fell in love. Family still doesn’t know.

    • I would love to marry my mil

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