Just wanted the ground to open up

Just knowing he knew what I had been doing is now a massive turn on for me.
At the time I was mortified and so embarrassed.
Two weeks ago I had a lazy day, called in sick for work and stayed in bed all day.
The morning was going very slow so I watched porn and had an orgasm, a short time later I’m back watching porn having another orgasm.
My day continued like this, I was in a horny mood, I kept my knickers on all day before during and after every orgasm.
About 6pm I’m still in my bed, one of my house mates knocked on my door saying a Michael is at the door, I quickly put my dressing gown on and went to the door.
Michael is a friend from work, he was seeing if I was ok, I invited him in to my room, I told him I just wasn’t in the mood for work today, he said I didn’t miss much.
While he was here I was busy putting things back, picking up yesterday’s clothes, moving a few things about and he kept on sniffing the air, I said what’s wrong, nothing he said, just picking up a smell, what smell I said, not sure but it’s nice when I get a whiff of it.
I carried on putting things away and when I walked passed him he said, there it is again and stronger.
He said have you been having sex with someone, no I said, he said you have that’s why you took the day off, come on who is he, I haven’t I said, well it smells like sex to me and it smells pretty damn good to me.
If you must know I’ve had sex with myself, you happy now, oh he said, sorry, we both went silent and he said right I’ll be off now I know you’re ok.
When he left I said to myself, what have I done, why did I say that, he’s gonna be telling everyone at work I know it.
I did my best to avoid him at work for the next few days, when we did talk he said I know you’re avoiding me and it’s ok, I’ve not said anything to anyone, I thanked him and said I’ve been really worried and felt embarrassed.
He said you have nothing to be embarrassed about, that smell and knowing what you had been doing is the hottest thing ever, just thinking about it gets me horny.
It feels really good that someone likes my smell from playing with myself.

1 month ago

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