I’m still in shock but thank you

One of my husband clients offered us his boat to stay on for a long weekend.
It was a beautiful boat, we are only using the boat to sleep not sail, he showed us about and how to use things, he said you can’t use the toilet while in the harbour, we can use the toilets and showers in the boat house.
We went for a drive and he pointed out some places for us to visit, he said he needed to get back and have a quick shower before leaving.
We got back to the harbour and I said I’m having a shower too, when we got the showers only one was available, I said you go first as you need to go, nonsense no said, the cubicles are big enough for two people, as he said that he helped me through the door.
I didn’t know what to do, I’m in a shower cubicle with a man I don’t know.
He undressed while chatting to me, turned the taps on and started washing himself, completely naked he was and telling me about a nice restaurant not far.
I was watching him wash all his bits, won’t be long he said.
He finished, towelled himself dry and got dressed, then said if I don’t see you have a nice time and left.
Got to admit, what a lovely start, he was in good shape all over if you know what I mean!

8 days ago

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    • Bizarre thing happened to me last Saturday, me and my boyfriend picked up a friend to go to a BBQ
      We got to his house and he’s not ready, we sat in the car and 10 minutes had passed, my boyfriend said go see what’s taking him so long.
      I pushed the bell and waited, then waited more, finally he opened the door, yep nearly ready he said.
      He and I were talking out loud to each other, I thought while I’m here I will use the toilet, had a quick wee and he’s still getting ready.
      Right he said I’m all done let’s go, just as we we’re going downstairs he said, oh one last thing, he grabbed a razor from the bathroom, undone his jeans and pushed them to his knees, he then quickly ran the razor over his pubic area, lifted up his dick and balls and did around them.
      I looked at him and he said what, I said really, of course he said you never know I might meet someone at the BBQ

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