Friend with benefits- not

My best friend is female, we are both 27 and there’s not much we don’t know about each other.
We sleep in the same bed when staying at each other’s house, I’ve seen every inch of her body and she has seen everything I have, she’s also seen me with an erection.
Nothing sexual has ever happened between us.
Both of us have had a few boyfriends and girlfriends but here we are still best of friends.
I’ve now upset her by asking should we make our friendship very friendly, when she asked how so I said having sex together.
She went nuts, like it’s the biggest crime ever, when she calmed down I did try to explain both of us are not really going away where in life, it’s been like that for ages, why can’t we add a little something to our friendship.
She’s adamant it’s never going to happen.

11 months ago

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    • Maybe she wants a romantic relationship.

    • Unfortunately I've been there, done that and got the t-shirt. With the exception that I managed to fuck her.

      Unfortunately my advice is that you should be prepared to end your friendship or at least be ready when it ends. You're both still young (under 30) and things are still solid and stable between you.
      But after she turns 30 she'll inevitably settle with a man who is either a piece of crap or a loser. Definitely a much inferior man than you.
      And you'll be pissed as to why she refused a sexual relationship with you while giving it freely to a retard or a loser.

      That's part of female mentality, although the bloody whores never admit it :
      They never fuck their friends, but much prefer to be used and abused by guys they despise. Probably just prefer guys with money and status.

      You'll see for yourself. This is the kind of stuff that only life can teach you.
      Unfortunately men and women can never be friends in the long run.
      In fact... Women never manage to be true friends with other women too. They're too selfish and emotionally unstable.

      Again, my advice is to try and fuck her (it's just sex in the end) and if she refuses to have sex with you (while having sex with much inferior men) kick her ass to the curb.
      Just my 2 cents.

    • You two have something very unique and beautiful don’t mess it up by trying to have sex. She is upset because she did not think you were like rest of the guys treat her like an object.

    • I wish girls would stop thinking that way. Wanting to have sex with a girl and objectifying her are two different things. Lots of guys are perfectly capable of having a meaningful relationship with someone they are having sex with.

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