It’s always hotter

Let’s just say that, sexually speaking, I’ve done pretty well in life. I’m currently 34 and officially single (divorced), but throughout my life I’ve had amazing sex with all sorts of women: college girls, cougars twice my age, fitness-maniacs, vegan hippies, single moms... but nothing compares to my current, “secret” relationship.

I have an older half sister (48) and, since very unfortunate circumstances left be basically homeless, I’ve been sharing a roof with her... and a bed, as of a few months. I developed a crush on her since puberty, basically because we got along well (although we weren’t exactly close), I admired her intelligence, and she also has an spectacular body (yes, even to this day). Living in her house, I became
closer to her than ever before, and when you have two single, attractive, horny and open minded heterosexual adults under the same roof... you get the idea.

Thing is, we agreed upon an open relationship based on consensual, casual sex... but we can’t manage to sleep with anyone else. For me, it’s not only the fact that she’s incredibly beautiful and amazing in bed, it’s the fact that I crossed a forbidden line... and it feels so good. She could be lame in bed and I’d still fuck her because we’re related, and that’s SO. HOT. Can’t get enough of her.


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  • She's only your half sister so have fun!

  • Half sister or full sister it doesn't matter, sex should always be an option

  • Having sex with a family member is hot and I think everyone should try it at least once

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