Pee turn on

I don’t know why but lately I’ve got so turned on by women peeing outside. I don’t know why but it turns me on so much. I’ve been watching hidden cam videos online and really loving it. The best was a few nights ago I was out with friends and went down a lane to piss and mid way 3 girls came to do the same and had no problem with me being there. I had the best wank of my life when I got home after that.

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  • My pee fetish started when I was 13 years old, when my sister and I would play around sexually with each other. She was 14 years old and super horny, we lost our virginity to each other and had sex off and on our whole lives. She liked to hold my cock when I was peeing and direct the stream, I watched her peeing many times, I liked it when she would stand up and pee. She liked to stand up and pee on me, we did this in the bathtub or under the bridge at the river.

  • I have an ex boyfriend who was in to this, i got caught short one time and had to wee in the bushes, i was embarrassed but he seemed turned on, i asked him about it and he said it was sexy. It was before i went to college and whilst we had touched alot we were both still virgins. The first time we were ready and alone at my parents house i said i wanted a shower first, and he jumped in with me. It was very sexy and it made me want sex. I said i needed a wee and should have gone before the shower, and he asked if i would piss on his feet. I did it, it was kinda fun, he put his hands in the stream, then cupped his hands on my pussy. It felt so warm as it overflowed from his hands. After i finished he rinsed it off, and we rushed to the bed, still wet from the shower. That's how i lost my virginity. We had a few more showers before we went to different colleges and we split up.

  • Yeah it was way too squashed lol. Well that’s super hot I’d love to get a sniff of them after your day. I once tasted my sister in laws dildo and it was still creamy it was great

  • So do I get to know anything about you? Name, age maybe?
    Purely out of curiosity as we are chatting like this. Do u sniff your sister in laws panties as well? Do you have a sister?
    I'm quite wet right now, you'd love my panties!

  • Alex and I’m 27. I have done yes no just a brother. I’m sure I would. Where are you from?

  • Hey Alex, thanks for that, i kinda worried you might be like 50 or something. I'm at college in California atm, but I'm a Colorado girl.

  • Haha no not 50 that’s for sure. Oh nice. I’d like to go to Cali

  • Hey - come visit me and I'll piss on you. Lol, joking of course
    What do u look like btw? - just curious

  • I’m fat and ugly with a stink puss that smells like a rotted Ohio river carp on a hot sidewalk in August.

  • Maybe I will😉. Black hair medium build. You?

  • Worst description ever, try again.
    I an 5'7, around 125 lbs, I'd say my build type is slim/athletic (I'm no athlete, but i work out, I'm not just skinny) i have blonde shoulder length hair (thinking of getting Bob cut), i get told i have a cute nose and a nice smile. I also believe i have a cute pert but small butt. (looks good in lycra shorts)Shaved pussy. Less good bits, my hips are narrow, so no hourglass figure, and by boobs are small 32A
    Anything i missed?

  • Haha sorry. 6 foot tall medium build I don’t work out but my job keeps me fit. Black shortish hair. I’m white but go pretty brown in the summer. 7.5 inch dick and pretty fat too. Anything else? I think you covered all bases

  • Haha, why do guys always think big dicks are best, actually they just hurt most girls, the average vagina is only 4 inches deep. I'm sure your lovely but i bet your just trying to impress and if i got my ruler out it would be alot more modest.
    Sorry. Sarah

  • Hey, sorry if i insulted you, I'd like to hear back from you. Sarah

  • Third party speaking: this is a better love story than Twilight

  • Haha, looks like it's just me now though, Sarah

  • Nice. Have you done it since? I’ve been peed on in the shower once and it was a huge turn on. She peed all over my dick and it wasn’t long before we were banging in the shower which conveniently had a seat in it

  • In my freshman year, my ex, now a friend came to visit and slept on my floor, the next night we had a school girl/boy party to go to. (as you do) when we got back, very drunk, he went to the bathroom, and i followed, i asked if he still had a pee fetish, and when he nodded i wet myself. The bathroom was tiny so built as a wet room, so it didn't matter. When he saw what was happening he lifted my school skirt to see my soaked panties and the waterfall of piss coming from them and running down my leg. Never seen a guy so happy. I didn't want to tease so i knelt down and got his cock out and gave him a BJ. After he came (quite quickly as i recall) he asked if he could piss on my face. I thought this was too gross even when drunk, but i knelt there and let him piss on my body all over the school uniform, while i pretended to be a naughty schoolgirl. After we rinsed off and left the wet clothes on the floor and went to bed. We fell asleep drunk, but had sex in the morning. We are still friends.

    Can i ask do you just like pee. I can get quite wet when horny and find most guys love to discover a wet patch on my panties. I think girl juice is sexier than pee. I just did that for a bf/friend.

    Sarah xxx

  • Squirting is a massive turn on for me and I love a nice wet patch on panties too. I have a pantie fetish too I like the taste of girl juice especially when it’s still warm and they are just after being taken off

  • I get why guys like wet panties, it's like my pussy is saying, 'what took you so long', it shows a girl really wants it. I can't squirt, but like i say i get rather wet. I love the look on a guys face when his hand goes up my skirt and he feels my panties are wet. Pussy power lol. I have to admit i have tasted my own juices a few times, and a couple of my friends ;) girl juice tastes alot nicer than semen lol. I have been told mine tastes sweet.

    Sarah xxx

    P.s. So glad this is anonymous

  • That’s hot you tasted it. Everyone can squirt you just have to let it go. I’ve made girls squirt who said they couldn’t it’s just so hot

  • I have tried squirting, tried a couple of masterbation techniques, most i achieved was a wet patch where i was sat. I heard its much harder to do it on yourself, need a friend ;) do you have a gf? Will she pee for you? Sarah

  • Have a friend with benefits and she has once drunk. She has squirted twice for me and was shocked both times. I just exploded instantly ha. Yeah a friend definitely helps 😉

  • It's a shame for you its only once, i think if someone you have sex with has a sexual fantasy, you should do that for them, as long as it's kept personal and secret. Do you have other fantasies? How far do you want to go? I hear there are pee drinkers, would you want me to pee in your mouth? Sarah

  • I’d give it a shot I dunno if I’d swallow it though. No the pee and sniffing is pretty much it but I suppose you can have any fantasy you like if someone puts it in your mind right? Would you swallow some pee?

  • No way, that would be gross, i just know it's a thing. So you say you're in to sniffing, what? Panties? Who's? Your fwb, or do you borrow/steal them? Ever bought any, i have heard of that too? Sarah

  • Yeah panties. I’ve borrowed them when I was younger but now if I see them I give them a sniff. If I’m at a friends and there is some in the hamper in the bathroom. She’s left some at my place and I’ve had fun with them

  • Covert panty raid. Haha, i like it.
    Does your panty fetish go with any clothing fetishes, like sweaty gym shorts, Lycra etc, or schoolgirls?
    This is so interesting, i feel like we have something in common. Sarah x

  • It just is what it is if they are dirty I want your scent/taste the wetter the better. Yes it’s exciting. Do you like the thought of someone smelling your panties?

  • Ha ha i do actually, big turn on. I love making my panties wet as i can as well. Pressing the material against my pussy and watching it soak up my juice is always fun. I have to admit to touching myself when I can through the day if i am horny, which leads to a state of constant arousal. When i finally take my panties off, they have different 'tide lines' from the different times i got wet. I guess i get quite horny.
    Love to know more about you, if u are willing to share. If u are comment at the top, it's getting squashed down here lol
    Sarah x

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