Being A Help

I didn't know that the neighbors next door was so open minded sexually. My recent marriage to Dale was so boring. I decided to work in my flower bed. My neighbor waved over to me to offer me a wine cooler. While sitting on her patio and chatting, thru her glass sliding doors I saw her boyfriend walking about bottomless with his dick hanging. It wasn't a bad looking penis. Then she tells me he use to swing. She confesses to me that they saw me working in my flower bed one warm day with no bra on and her boyfriend told her that I reminded him of his ex. She has very long tits that was fun to play with and he loved to tie them up. Then my neighbor confessed to me that her boyfriend has a fetish for me. He wants to tie me and my tits up, having her be watched while giving him a blow job and seeing her grope my tied tits.
I guess it was the wine cooler in me and me wanting a little bit of excitement I said to her, "That be interesting! " She smiled and laughed and was glad I had an open mind. I pointed to her bottomless boyfriend in the house and said, " You're able to put that dick in your mouth? " She grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house. She started tugging his dick making him hard and said, "My neighbor wants to see if I can really blow you! " while I watched.
We get together now and then and I'm really glad they enjoy sexual naughtiness. My husband Dale is no fun at all.

8 days ago

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