Neatest thing happened yesterday

I drove down to our little park by the ocean yesterday, nice hot day in the high 70's, to do some girl watching.
Warm days I often see young women in halter tops, shorts, it's fun and every once in awhile, I manage to make a new friend.
I saw a young woman in a skirt and blouse, sitting on the high concrete wall by the trail down to the beach, she had on huge dark glasses and a mask, we have to wear those even in public in Oregon now.
As I headed her way, she looked up at me, and let her legs fall open!!
At first I thought I was looking at black panties, but as I approached, I realized that was pubic hair.
As I got closer, she looked both ways, no one near, then opened her legs even farther, reached down and spread herself with her fingers..WOW!
She was deliberately showing off to me! So, I walked up and tried to talk to her, but she clearly did not want that, because she hopped up and quickly walked away, saying nothing.
If I see her again, I will just look.
I have heard of stuff like this, but that was the first time I ever saw any woman do it that nastily.

21 days ago

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    • I saw her again yesterday, sitting on the grass in a different place in the same park. But before I could get anywhere near her, a couple of guys were getting too close so I think she was doing the same thing. By the time I got my car parked, she got up and left when they approached her.
      She walked down the path, got in a little silver colored Kia and drove away.
      Hard to tell for sure due to the mask and dark glasses, but I think she works at the Starbucks in our Fred Meyer store.
      Same long dark hair anyway, same build.
      Hell, I think I am turning into a stalker here. This one has me curious, stuff like this is hot, really gets me going.

    • Awesome -hairy pussy is the best

    • HEY your very lucky

    • I throw cum on the girls
      at the beach

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