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I have a shit load to confess just need at least one answer back from who ever just to get it off my mind, I just need to share it but it's sexually weird and idk but here's my confession ?.
It all started in middle School met a girl at the time I just liked her for who she was funny nice smart and even pretty but we stayed together till senior year of high school she began to grow up she started getting a hour Glass body shape long legs like a model super beautiful eyes just sexy and I started getting sexually with hormones and u know average horny teen, unlike her she was shy to show off her body I didn't mind it was her choice, but one summer her mother brought her circle skirts and crop tops and heels she thought they were cute so she took a picture and sent me them to see what I thought, I instantly got a boner and told her the truth and she said "ew ok I'm going to wear them" since then she started wearing more clothes like that after a while I realized how sexually attracted I was to her then I realized she looked even more sexy in heels, I day dream and dreamed at night about her wearing lingerie heels with her sexy long legs wide open and even drew her just how I saw her in my dreams, we were always honest to each other I told her about the dreams and drawings, she told me to tell her why I would like to see her like that, so I did she enjoyed hearing about my dreams, most of the time I thought of her wearing 6 inch wedges pumps stilettos heels, she realized that I had a heel fetish before I realized it, she didn't mind it she just said (I'm not wearing those kind of heels) I realized and agreed that I do have a heel fetish, but it's my heel fetish is only against her no one else I don't know why it's just like that. But over the past months I realized I became sexually obsessed over her, ( I hated the fact that I felt that way) I came over one day when her parents were gone she told me go to her room while she went off to go do something so I did 3 minutes went past I realized she will be gone for a while so I went sadly went threw her stuff sadly my sexual stuff stoled her used panties heels and a tight dress, I threw them in my back pack got home that night and I felt horribly horny for her I jacked off to her dress and then panties while sniffing them and then with her heels, I felt so relived after that luckily she never noticed any of her stuff missing, one day I came over one day we were watching TV she had her legs over me she noticed my boner and began to rub on it with her feet (awkward moment it was her feet) but I didn't cared it was her I enjoyed it, eventually I came that was our first sexually act, she didn't realized that I came luckily, it was embarrassing, but few days later she messaged me saying I like these high heeled wedges I question her about them because she said she would never wear 6 inch heels but she said only these I would so I decided to buy them for her next day I came over I remembered it prefectly, she was wearing high-waisted ripped jeans with a pink crop top to top it off she was wearing the wedge's I brought her I was surprised she actually did but that went away quickly reallyy quick when I realized exactly what she was wearing I immediately became horny and came in with her she looked so sexy long sexy thick legs sexy waist she sat down and crossed her legs she never crossed her legs few minutes past we were in her room we made out then we undressed ( my heart was pounding ) she kept her heels on for me she took off her panties they were soaking wet a little of her vagina liquid hanged off from them, I did everything I dreamed of to her ( we were both 17 both virgin's till then so I won't lie I came to many times in that moment) her vagina was extremely hot I licked her out with her legs open until she orgasm then I went in her with her legs wide open her heels in the air, i came extreme fast once in her, that was our first and last time we had sex sadly she moved we talked saying we will see each other but her thoughts faded away after years and I'm still sexually stuck on her. That's alot I had to say but feel better saying it

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  • Pretty cool were you going out through all that time?

  • Yes we were

  • I tried my best to make the story short, I left out alot of details I will post more later, same name on the story

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