Shes a young tease

I had my sister and her husband come and stay with me over the weekend with their 2 daughters. 5 and 8.
My 8 year old niece is always happy to see me and follows me round like a shadow. Such a sweet thing she is, definitely one of my fave nieces. Anyway shes got this way of sitting with her legs spread right open. I let her use my phone and she was just watching youtube with her legs wide open. All i could see were her white knickers and i couldnt help but imagine if she didnt have them on and had her legs spread wide open. I even said to her at one point to close her legs. Lol. She was like, "huh", totally unaware. She doesnt even realise. Dont get me wrong ive never touched her and nor would i. I just love when she flashes her knickers and smiles.

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  • She sounds like a cheeky girl, no harm in looking.

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