I made a mistake and decided to wear my robe and only my robe. My brother decided to have fun and put springs under the couch legs. I didn’t realize it until later of course Our neighbors came over to chat for awhile and sat across from us. This was an unexpected surprise which is why I didn’t get dressed. My mom crossed her legs and when she does, her leg will start to sway. Then my father started to bounce his legs and by then I noticed something off with the couch. It was much more bouncy then usual. Then my brother started his legs. My snake was moving all over in my robe and didn’t realize it was close to seeping through my robe slit. That is when things became from self pleasure to voyeur when I noticed our neighbors looking. I pretended I didn’t notice and was getting really excited by the unexpected peep show. Probably about 20 to 30 minutes later my mom got up and asked if we wanted drinks. She noticed my boner and and brought it to my attention to cover up and I played along.

21 days ago

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