I am so confused

I don't think I am one of those guys that are called a cuckold. I love my wife, I would do anything for her, and I have always been completely faithful.
Around six months ago, she was comin back from Safeway, some guy in a van missed a stop sign and pegged her in the driver's side door of her little Honda car.
She had her seat belt on, and thus was lucky to escape with a very sore back, plus the way she was hit injured some muscles in her leg that got slammed sideways.
The doctors released her in one day, and advised her to try massages for the pain, so she went to a nearby clinic, every week for quite some time.
Then, she told me her therapist would come to the house, it would be less costly, I thought nothing of that until I came home early, just as this guy was leaving. Hell, he was tall, muscular, good looking, so I asked her about it, i was of course thinking her therapist was female.
She told me he was a professional it was just therapy, no big deal.
A few things made me wonder, so I took my tiny little dash cam which has 90 minutes of storage, and hid it in our spare room where they would not likely spot it. After the last session, I viewed the results, and while the camera was not aimed quite right, I did see him massaging her bare breasts, and then saw him from behind from the waist up and he was clearly thrusting, there was no mistaking a sex act. . I know, I should have been enraged, but instead, I found myself aroused, excited. I still have not told her of what I know, and I do not even know how to approach it. I feel.. ashamed, I guess is the word? Does she not love me any more? She acts perfectly normal.

1 month ago

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    • Ignore the a.h. talking about cock size.
      Your wife is just getting some on the side. Humans aren't monogamous by nature, so nothing to worry about here as long as you have a good relationship with her. If you can do so comfortably, let your wife know what you know, and how it made you feel. Relationships change over time, and they don't have to be monogamous to be stable.

    • You've left out some pertinent details here. Your cock size for starters. If you're on the small side, then it might be a simple case of your bride craving a bigger piece of meat. Something that will hit her G-spot and really stretch her out. Either that or she just craves cock of any size and doesn't really care where she gets it. And don't kid yourself. I can guarantee you this isn't the first time she's fucked other men. I know because I've been there with my wife and I totally approve. She's been fucking a couple of the neighborhood bulls for awhile now and even lets me watch occasionally.

    • How big is your cock? Is your wife loose after having kids? This may explain why women who have children crave BBC, BWC and BAC?

    • That must have been so exciting to watch! What are your wife's dimensions? Blonde? Brunette?

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