Wanting my daughter

The problem here is for some reason i feel close to my daughter.
Closer than i should. She is a beautiful young lady and i find myself getting aroused when i am with her.
I know it's messed up, but should i try to explain to her how i feel?
I talked to a therapist and she says its a normal feeling.

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  • If your Therapist says it's normal, then your therapist needs to see a fucking Therapist!

  • Oh geez this is how it starts. Been there, done that --- love my daddy. He and mom are divorced and I just stepped up into her place. We moved across the country where no one knows us and we can sin together in peace.

  • One of my daughters is very close to me and she is 40 now.
    She does not live with me.
    But when she visits me at times she always wears a short skirt.
    Her mum was like that before I married her and after the divorce.

  • You don't say how old your daughter is but I'm going to assume she is a teen.

    It's a good time to have the sex talk with your daughter and talk about how she makes men feel, and how not to be taken advantage of.

    Then you go into your room, watch some barely legal porn and jack off.

  • The feeling may be normal but unless you want to destroy your father daughter relationship with her you better squelch those sexual feelings you have for her.

    If my father had ever come onto me I would have put him out of my life forever.

  • Nothing as or will ever happen.
    But because of divorce my daughter was kept away from me for 15 years apart from being allowed to see her once a week.
    My ex was very controlling and therefore never saw my daughter grow up.
    But nothing sexual as ever taken place.

  • My advice: see a different therapist!

  • ^ DITTO! ^ The one you've got is, it seems, INSANE! Stop going to her: this is not normal.

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