Massage Envy surprise

I have a Massage Envy membership and I go about once a month for a massage. They have a professional reputation so I never expect anything "extra" when I go there. You can go online to make an appointment and put in for the kind of massage you want. I always put in for stress relief and medium pressure.

In September, the therapist finished my one hour appointment and then lightly touched my groin for a second and said that if I wanted a "little more relief" she'd do that on my next appointment. In October I went back and a few minutes before my time was up she stopped working on my neck and stood quietly by my side. I opened my eyes and she was smiling. She asked if I wanted a little more relief. I nodded yes and she put her fingers over her lips like she was saying "Be quiet, OK".

I thought I was just going to get a quick hand job and my heart was pounding. I'm over 60 so it wasn't like I already had a raging hard on but instead, she lifted the sheet a little and pulled my soft cock in her mouth. I popped in a minute or two and she covered me up and acted like it was business as usual. Then in November it was the same thing. I asked why and she said because she thought I was a nice guy and she liked doing it.

I know she's eventually going to get in trouble but she says that a few of the girls do that now and then either for tips or for fun or both.

Anyone else have an experience like that in a professional setting?

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  • I’d love for my wife to get a massage and then get fucked hard afterwards.

  • I once went to a guy my friend recommended. He was supposed to be great at massage, and he was. But he surprised me at the end by fingering me and eating my pussy.

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