Massage therapy and Mother in law...?

I am a massage therapist and a physical therapist. I do massage therapy on the side or complimentary for my clients depending on their insurance. Sometimes I work from home but its rare. However my Mother in law (MIL) is a chubby polish woman with long blonde hair. She's been massaged by me before for sciatica pain and because its also relaxing. However the last time I massaged her she got completely naked (which isn't the unusual part) when i walked in the room she left the thin blanket sheet folded up on the floor. I didn't know how to react so I massaged her naked. Nothing happened but I was extremely turned on. Next time I massage her and she's naked do you think I should make a move? Is she hinting at more?

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  • No, don't breach professional etiquette, do it another way.

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