My wife and her therapist

Back when my wife of a dozen years said she was having some back pain, I told her to see her Doctor, which she did. He couldn't find anything wrong really, and suggested she try getting massages. So, once a week she went to a local place, it was a bit expensive but if it made her feel better I was all for it.
Then one day she told me the therapist could come right to the house, which would save time, and since she works from home doing accounts, that sounded OK.
Then one day I got off work early, when I got home I had to park in the street since a car was in our driveway. I was walking back down the street when I looked up and saw this guy come out, he was young and well built, carrying one of those foldup tables.
That surprised me, I just assumed her therapist was a woman.
I didn't say anything, but I did sneak my little cop cam that I use on the dash of my truck in there, hid it in some flowers on a table.
A week later, while she was gone somewhere, I got it out and played it.
Imagine my shock to see her nude except for a small towel at her groin, while this young guy played with her boobs for a good 15 minutes. Then he removed the towel, and began giving her what I would call a very happy ending. She sure as hell did not look to be in any pain. How much farther that went I don't know, the battery is only good for an hour since it was on motion detection and there was a lot of motion, so it didn't get the last part.
My problem is, how do I confront her without her knowing I was spying on her?
Besides, it was sort of hot, and if that is all they did, I wouldn't mind so much, but if there was more, I think I will throw a fit.
I also thought of maybe having a little chat with the guy, but I don't know yet who he is.

3 months ago

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    • Why confront? Its more turn on to watch without her knowing 😉

    • Your chat is with your cheating wife not some 20 yr old kid. Get all the proof you need then play it for her, remember the look on her face as she watches the show.

    • Sweetie it happens more often than you think. I was in a very bad accident, after physical therapy my therapist suggested full body massages. It was amazing and truly helped with the pain, I went 3 times a week for a month and it felt like the pain was gone, but my masseuse Jeff was gorgeous. Muscular, tall, gorgeous eyes, lips probably didn’t help that his cock was always in my face protruding through his pants. During the massage we would speak about everything, I opened my heart to him and he listened, and actually remember what I told him. By the 3rd month I was fucking Jeff and it continued for another whole year. Jeff made me feel young again, at 49 years old having sex with a 26 year old who lasted more than 30 mins I was in heaven. And he made sure I always finished. I was acting different, feeling different, dressing different, and my husband noticed. Finally he was taking notice of me, giving me the attention I wanted. Jeff helped restart my marriage. I no longer needed his services, we never met outside of the massage place nor did we text or call each other, and when I told him how great my marriage was going he was actually happy for me, I even wanted one last time, and he denied that to me and told me to go home to my husband. So basically I’m saying you should give her more attention

    • Actually, that is not all that bad of advice. This last year or so has been tough and I spend nearly all of my time keeping us financially afloat. The best thing to do I suppose is for me to talk to her, I already know her reaction, but she is still the one overstepping, not me. We shall see what happens.

    • Tell us what happened after you talked to your wife

    • She got defensive, did the expected "spying on me" bit, then some crying and sorry. She told me it never went beyond just touch, I think I believe her, but she also now has a new therapist, a female, and it's back at the spa. Cute one, too, I have been thinking of maybe getting a massage myself. I probably better not though. We will survive this.

    • Okey happy for you! Haha don’t do it just pay attention to your woman

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