Caught the wife

I would never in a lifetime suspect that my on the reserved side wife would ever indulge in any sort of sexual activity, but even after 22 years of marriage, I have come to understand that everyone has secrets, and secret desires.

She got rear ended in her Van at a stop light, and it was a rather serious one, totaled both machines. The seat saved her, nothing broken but her back and both legs got injured. The Doctor suggested physical therapy since she was having troubles standing and walking.

So, off to what anyone would think was a perfectly legitimate medical facility with an on staff therapist, 3 times a week. It seems to be helping, after a month or so she was moving better and acting happy, in fact happier than normal even. Noticeable, even.. odd to me. Plus she talked about Howard, her therapist, how good he was, how nice he was, a couple times even used the word "cute."

So, I checked online, the medical system we use posts photos and qualifications of staff members online. Yep, cute, maybe 30 at the most, in shape. So, I followed her over there, she was inside for about an hour, then they both came out, stood there talking for quite a long time, then he leaned in and kissed her, and she clearly kissed him right back and it sure as hell was not a "friends" kiss. His hand came up and slid over one of her breasts over her blouse, and she did not protest that, either. Watching that, I realized my wife did not even have a bra on.

Of course that makes it clear to me what is going on in there. I have not yet confronted her because at this point, she could just deny it, so I need absolute proof.
How do I get that?

12 days ago

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    • Something very similar happened to me. It wasn’t a traffic accident but my ex wife had fallen and broken her ankle. Part of her recovery was PT. It turns out my ex wife met a Physical Therapist who was 21 years older than her. At the time this happened she was 31 and Dr. Craig was 52. Very fit and handsome.

      I honestly didn’t give it much thought at the time because I was working 30 miles away but in hind sight 6 months of 4 appointments a week for a broken ankle now seems excessive. Turns out they were meeting at his house a few miles from his office. They met at his house to fuck as she put it.

      I found out because she said she was going to see her brother for a long weekend. In actuality they went away for a weekend. Thank you GM and OnStar. I got a notification of where her car was parked.

      Once I figured it out or suspected I did some investigating. I searched her computer and thank you Apple for syncing her messages. She never talked to me like she did Craig. She apparently “couldn’t get enough of his amazing cock” and did anything he wanted. I’ll spare you the details.

      When she got home I confronted her. I probably should have maybe thought it through a bit more. Like what was she thinking. Meaning did she even want to stay married. When I confronted her she admitted she was away with “a friend”. When I got angry with her she grabbed her bag and went to his house. She stayed there for a week until she came home. We managed to patch things up for a bit, or so I thought. I couldn’t quit working so I couldn’t check on her whereabouts all the time.

      It was rough for a bit but I’m much happier now.

      Good luck.

    • You don't need proof, unless your state makes you prove fault in a divorce. You know what you know. Make your choice and proceed. She doesn't have to admit it. You know.

    • She is getting rear-ended by the cute doctor in her new van. Install a camera in it, and watch at your leisure. Confront her and see how fast her therapist becomes the rapist.

    • I caught my wife cheating with a younger guy,at first I was angry,then I followed her one day she pulled up outside a house and went through the front door,I sneaked around the side of the house and could see through a window,she was totally naked sitting on his dining table while he was pounding away,as I said I was furious at first but I found it hot watching her,I confronted her a few weeks later to which she didn't deny,I told her I saw them fucking and it turned me on,we've invited her young stud over our house quite a bit lately,I've watched and joined in with them,it's done wonders for our relationship.

    • That's it? He's rubbed her and gave her an innocent kiss?
      Your wife has been through a lot! Let her have some fun flirting with the guy that helping her get well. She's at a medical facility with cameras and they get monitored often. If your wife is in as bad a shape as you claim, I doubt intercourse is happening.
      I'm a married female in my mid 40s and welcome a little flirting. As long as it doesn't go too far.
      If this post is real, let her feel desired by a younger man and you will have your wife home soon for your enjoyment.

    • I would agree although rubbing her breast struck me as too much, and the kiss was way more than a peck. Then I got to thinking, she goes over to visit her Mother who lives six hours away, once or twice a month, last month she has gone three times, and the last time stayed overnight which is not normal and she didn't get home until 5 PM Sunday.
      She told me her Mom was not feeling well is why. I recorded the mileage on her little Kia, if she is going there it's almost a 300 mile round trip, all the rest of her driving is the 4 miles to town and back. Add in her therapy sessions are an hour, but the last few trips have been nearly three hours each.

    • The cornerstone of any successful and good relationship is communication. Talk to her. Control your emotions and talk about o her. Also listen to her. That’s the other part of the whole communication thing. She may have a good excuse or she may be fucking him. Worse yet she could be falling for him. I’m sure you’re hurt and angry but until you know what’s going on being angry will only make a bad situation worse.

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