Celibate wife

I sort of feel like this is cheating but my wife is the one that makes the arrangements. She had a hysterectomy and in the process, lost all sex drive.

But she knows I still have urges, and while she did try a few times to satisfy me, it just wasn't working.

One day I came home, and she told me she had a massage therapist coming by that evening. That confused me, then she told me that she had hired the woman to take care of me.

I went along with it, the woman used her hands on me and was quite talented. But I told my wife it made me feel guilty, she insisted it was OK and she was glad to do it for me.

Now, she has managed to come up with four of them over the years, all just hands although the last one took her top off. I told my wife that she did, she asked me if I wanted to have full sex, which I admitted I really did but wouldn't because of her. Then she told me that was OK, too.

I admit to being torn between saying no and doing it.

3 months ago


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    • My wife is in the exact spot in life yours is, hysterectomy and no sex drive. She tries to please me with an occasional BJ and hand job but I can tell she’s not into it. Comments like are you about ready to cum. I’m not as lucky as you to have someone come over and do it for her, that would be a great turn on. Tell me what does your wife do while you’re getting taken care of ?

      I don’t know about actually having another women in bed , might be to much

    • While I am in my bedroom getting a massage, my wife is usually sitting in the living room watching soap operas or sewing clothes, things like that. She really does not mind one bit, she has Arthritis in her hands and wrists so she simply cannot even do a hand job. As far as full sex, so far I haven't, it would have to be someone I liked and that wanted to, not someone paid to do it. I did ask her if she wanted a massage herself, but she has no interest. Ours is a marriage between friends.

    • I would have a hard time getting into full sex with someone I paid for too. I would rather pay someone to show off pretty panties and her pussy and just jerk off watching. My wife and I are in our 70’s, been married 45 years, and have become friends.

    • Get a younger guy to suck your cock and fuck your ass. Lots of mature men take a young male lover.

    • The guy thing is not the way to go. Stick with the hand job

    • That of course is if your a poofter

    • You can try it out without being a poofter, mate.

    • A guy would probably need to be Gay to do that, for me it ain't going to happen.

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