Why does my friend hate me so much?

I met this cool cat in High School a few years ago and ever since he did a one legged twerk I've been obsessed with wanting to be his friend.

We used to be close along with my brother but as the years went on he stopped being my friend.

Yeah we used to make fun of him all the time and he would get mad at me and I would get aggressive and we almost fought a few times.

I remember in High School we talked about it being Friday and we all get high but he never wanted to smoke joints with the rest of us.

I would see him hanging around others losers and I would pull him away from them and he would get angry at me.

i try to invite him to parties and he says he's not interested and I get up in his face asking him why and he gets angry at me so I get aggressive with him.

Then I ask for his phone number and he wouldn't give me his number.

Me and this chick named Carrie would look for his Number in the Phone Book and we got a hold of his dad and nearly got his Dad in trouble for talking to minors.

He was really pissed at us saying we don't respect his boundaries and I said maybe if he gave me his number in the first place I wouldn't have looked it up in the phone book.

I'd ask him every day to give me a dollar and it was so easy to manipulate him into handing me his money and I never paid him back for anything and then he got very angry at me by telling me to get a job and I told him to give me a dollar.

I tried to get his address from him and I took his student handbook and got his address and told him we would all hang out with him and he said he doesn't want to hang out with me and I keep asking him why and he says that i'm fucking annoying and tells me to leave him alone.

I was hurt but I found out where he lived but his mom told me he was at his dad's but I knew she was lying but I left his house.

I would call him on the phone but he never would answer my calls.

I would follow him in the halls and even into the bathroom.

I even had class with him but he refused to talk to me and I would do anything to get his attention and he would get pissed at me.

He always rejects my ideas even though only I know what's best for him but he clearly turns down every one of my ideas.

At Lunch I try to sit with him but he doesn't want to eat lunch with me and then I found out he was hanging out with a another group of friends.

He's supposed to be my friend not theirs'.

He goes to the student center and saw he got a Minute Maid drink like mine and I said we're twins and he cringed after me and Carrie told him to come to the light.

He starts getting Gatorade after that so I started buying Gatorade and I sit with him at the Student Center and he instantly sits somewhere else and I don't understand.

He goes to the Prep Rally which I hate and just want to smoke a joint the fucking sellout got popular breakdancing for everyone and I hated it; he's mine all mine and belongs to me not nobody else, nobody else can have him.

After that I would call him a sellout and boo him when he does his hallway performances for all of the preps and he gets mad at me and we nearly fought one time.

I try to apologize to him and again he tells me to leave him alone.

One time in the student center I think I really pissed him off when I kept asking him to sit with me and some annoying kid named Clyde kept asking where his dope stash is and he got so fucking angry and I tried to follow him and he pushed me on my ass telling me to leave him the fuck alone or he was going to report me to the School for harassment.

I'm not harassing him I know what's best for my buddy and he belongs to me.

Then I found out he had art class so i sat near him and he told me to get out of that seat that it belonged to his new friend, and his new friend told me to get lost and he was about to fight me so I left.

It was depressing me that he made new friends that he's happy with, that he became the most popular guy in school while I was his friend longer than any of those faggot preps and he wants nothing to do with me anymore.

I want my friend back, where did I go wrong? Why does he hate me so much?

11 months ago

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    • This is why people snap and bring guns to school.

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