Christine Receives Her Punishment (Part 2 of 2)

As Christine is enjoying, and recovering from, her much needed orgasm, I look down at my cock buried deep inside her pussy and see the tight, virgin pucker of her asshole. I lick one of my fingers and slowly insert it deeply into her ass. She moans. “I can see you are still a naughty girl and are not learning your lesson. Therefore, your punishment will have to be more severe.” I push my finger in a bit deeper and she said “No please! I’ve learned my lesson.” I withdraw my still hard cock from her sopping wet pussy and look down to find it covered in her juices. I position the head of my cock against her virgin asshole and apply a little pressure. “You were told not to come without permission and you came.” “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it. You made me cum. You did it on purpose.” I apply a little more pressure and see her tight pucker begin to stretch a little. “No! Please! I’ve learned my lesson! I won’t touch myself again! I swear.” I push a little more and the entire head of my penis slips past the tight, virgin muscles at the opening of her anus. I can feel the grip of her virgin ass! She moans louder, “No, please, I’ll be good!” I push the head of my cock an inch deeper. “It’s too much. Stop! Please!” I tell her “Sometimes bad girls need to learn the HARD WAY!” and I give her another inch. “It’s too big! No more! Please!” I slowly feed the rest of my cock into her virgin ass until my hips are pressing against her ass. I ask her “Who’s a bag girl?” She responds, “I was. But, I’ll be good! I promise!” I slowly pull back out of her, just leaving the head in. “Do you promise you’ll be good? Do you promise you’ve learned your lesson?” “I do! I have learned my lesson! I promise.” “I don’t believe you,” I said as I fully enter her ass again. I start a slow rhythm of full and deep penetrations, always leaving at least the head of my cock in her. I see her tiny, tight little ass straining to accommodate my size. I then tell her “I think you should be punished like this for a ½ hour in order to fully learn your lesson. Or, your punishment can stop when I cum in your ass.” She caught on to what I was saying and responded “Please cum in my ass! Please cum! Hurry!” “Whose a bad girl?” “I’m a bad girl, I’m a very bad girl!” “Where’s my cock right now?” “It’s in my butt! It’s all the way in my butt!” “Why is my cock in your butt?” “Because I’m naughty, I’m so naughty!” “What do you want me to do in your butt!” “I want you to cum in it. Please cum in it! NOW!” Looking down at this 18-year-old girl’s virgin ass being deflowered by my cock and hearing her “dirty talk” sent me over the edge. I pushed all the way into her, grabbed her hips and pulled them into me, and I came. It seemed to last forever. She could feel it. She knew what was happening. I heard her say “You’re cumming in my butt!” I drained every last drop of sperm from my balls into her ass. As I felt myself grow limp, I pulled out. She seemed relieved. I looked down and saw that her once tight, virgin pucker was now stretched. As she stood up I saw some sperm come back out of her ass and drip down the inside of her legs.
Christine Received Her Punishment!
I enjoyed young Christine’s tight ass several more time during our relationship.
One time I remember betting her I could make her cum 5 times the next time we had sex. She took that bet and didn’t think I could do it. If I “won” the bet, we agreed I could cum in her ass again. That day I made her cum once by fingering her. Then I ate her and made her cum again. Then I made her cum 3 times fucking her pussy. After the 5th orgasm I told her I wanted to collect on my bet. She reluctantly agreed and started to rollover and get on her hands and knees. I stopped her and told to stay right where she was. Her eyes grew wide. I pushed her knees up to her chest and told her to reach down and spread her cheeks for me. She did what I told her to do. I entered her pussy again and gave her a dozen good thrusts to rewet my cock. I then pulled out and put the head of my cock against her butthole and began to slowly push. My cock head slipped past her tight little muscles and she moaned loudly. I then slowly fed the rest of my cock into her ass while looking her in the eyes. Her eyes were WIDE OPEN and her mouth was making that “Ohh” face women make when they get fucked. I went fully into her and then began slowly pulling in and out, in and out, in and out. I told her to touch her pussy while I fucked her ass and with one hand she began to rub her clit. After several minutes I felt my orgasm build so I went deep into her and came in her butt. It felt so good!
Another time we were having sex with her on top. She had cum several times. I asked her if she liked it when I put myself in her butt. She said that it was uncomfortable for her but that the second time felt better than the first. She thought it might be easier for her to have anal sex if she should control how much of me was inside her and how fast I went in. While she was still on top of me I turned her around so she was facing away from me. I told her that I wanted to be in her butt again but that she could put it in and take as much or as little as she wanted, as fast or slow as she wanted. I watched as she reached back and positioned my hard cock at the opening of her anus. She slowly pressed against my cock until the head slipped inside. She paused for several minutes to get used to my size. Then, she slowly started moving up and down, taking several inches of me into her butt. I was enjoying watching this young woman move herself up and down on my cock. She never took more than a few inches of me inside her. But, the sight of her doing that made me cum in less than 5 minutes!


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  • What a naughty girl she must be!

  • Christine is married now and thanks to me walked down the aisle on her wedding day with a stretched asshole. I wonder what her husband would think of how she lost her anal virginity? I wonder if her husband has ever been in her butt?

  • Us christines never can stop being naughty!!..ive walked down the aile 3 times now...but i dont have a faithful hole in my body!

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