Caught in the shower by Grandma

My Grandpa and Grandma were retired teachers in there 50s and lived on a 40 acre farm in the shadow of the Blue Ridge mountains in Virginia. My Mom used to say that my grandparents were hippies, even before there were hippies. It was a fun place, horses, swimming and canoeing in the river that went thru the property.

That summer when I was 14 ,my parents dropped me off for a two week stay while they went out west for a business / vacation trip. The first morning I was there I woke up to the sun streaming into my room, I stretched, kicked off the sheet and then slid my hand inside my shorts and massaged my early morning boner.

As I was walking down the hall, I met my Grandma coming out of the bathroom. She was a petite lady and very busty, which was easy to see as she jiggled toward me in a white tank top and no bra.

She told me good morning and gave me a big grandma hug, To my embarrassment , I knew she could feel my somewhat still erect cock as she pressed against me. She told me to get showered and she would start breakfast.

I had just finished showering when I heard Grandma knock on the bathroom door. She told me breakfast was almost ready and asked if I needed any thing. I told her that I needed a dry towel. I open the door a few inches expecting her to hand the towel through. Much to my surprise, she walked right in and handed me the towel as I stood there wet and naked .

I took the towel and turned my back, but I knew she had seen my cock and everything. I was so embarrassment and scared and she knew it. She told me not to be embarrassed and that she had seen lots of her grandkids naked. But then she wrapped her arms around me from behind and held me tight while sliding her hand down below my waist, My knees almost buckled when she jiggled my cock and balls in her hand as if she was buying a tomato at the market. She then remarked about how much I had grown since last summer and patted me on the butt and walked out saying your breakfast is getting cold.... I was about o die !

The next weekend I talked to my 17 year old cousin Brian about what happened with my Grandma. He laughed and said " Join the club". As we talked, he swore me to secrecy and I found out that Grandma could be a very naught lady !

1 month ago

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    • I lived with my Grandmother while going to college, she was nearly 60. One day she came in my room while I was masturbating, she left quickly but over dinner she insisted we talk.
      I was so busy with college I had no time or money to date anyone, so that was my only outlet and at age 20 I did it a lot. So, she told me to just ask and she would help me out, she said she didn't get any "fun" since grandpa passed away several years earlier.
      So, I got quite a sex education, from my Grandmother.

    • I like hearing her bones crack as I take her to pound town

    • Granny was 50, 5'3" and busty, former aerobic instructor . No bones cracking here...LOL.

    • I'm 72 and just fucked my 69 year old wife like a rag doll. Thanks you Viagra and Planet Fitness -- we both go. Used to fuck her 3x a day, she's an admitted nymphomaniac. We still do it 2x a week and a couple blowjobs in there.
      I used to go with her girlfriend who liked it once a week, she told me about her hot friend who wore out 2 boyfriends., 1 couldn't get it up anymore.
      Our best friends tried to keep up with us, always asked how many times we did it. Now they don't ask no more. My wife thinks we're the only ones out of the old gang who still do it. She said her cousin admitted to BJs only, and her husband is only 57.
      Let's hear from seniors who still fuck.

    • I'm 66 and my wife is 64. I admit to using viagra, half a tablet is usually enough. We usually have sex twice a week anywhere in the house but one of my favorites is to doggy in the shower. Wife has two friends who are still attractive and sexy. One is 68, petite and the other 66 average. Both divorced who still have a sex drive. They usually visit every week, not together, and we have a threesome. I'd like a fourway but I wouldn't have the staying power.

    • Fuck her hard if you have a chance. She touch your dick, she swallow your load. Share with us your next adventure.

    • My grandma aged 75 once barged into the bathroom to pee when I finished my shower and drying myself. I felt embarrassed but she made me easy with her and playfully I sprinkled some water on her. She was braless and I could see her ample boobs and nipples quite easily. I reached a hard-on and she got hold of it admiring that it was of good size for a 17 yo. She massaged it as I shoved my hand on her boobs. She asked me where did I want to dump my load - I indicated to her vagina. She was breathing hard, turned around and put her knicker off while getting on her four. I just shoved my hard cock deep into her pussy at ease. Within about 10 to 12 strokes I came in gushes deep into her. We promised to keep it secret...

    • Then you woke up!

    • Shut the fuck up no-one wants a blow job from you crusty old cunt

    • --yeh what a dumb bitch that one is!

    • Fuck you ass hole! Your story is fake cake! I say its bull shit and I'm trans so you can't tell me I'm wrong! If I say then you woke up then you have to agree or I will jail you for hate crimes! Now dress like a little girl and suck me!

    • Fucking kill yourself trans girl. Get this you will never be a a women! Just a male with mutilated genitals. When someone kills you and a year later all they find is your bones a DNA test will come back as a male.

    • Then you woke up! You just want to have sex with my trans corpse!

    • Nobody wants to have sex with you alive or dead! That’s why you flood these pages with angry comments about how every post is written by a dude and is fake. We get it, you’re trans and angry, but settle down Beavis.


    • I bet she good bitch aint got no teef

    • .5"3", 120 ,petite curvy with a set of 36D breasts. Former aerobics teacher who works out every day.... And she still has her teeth !....LMAO.

    • Hot

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