Wife keeps noticing things

My wife and I are both in our early forties and white. We have been together for over ten years now and have two kids together. Several years ago we started ordering and recording porn on several channels at a time. My wife obviously noticed some size differences of the male actor's cocks because she would always control the remote and we started watching only the channels having male actors with unusually large cocks. It then evolved to mmf threesomes or moresomes with the males having extremely large cocks. I even noticed this when watching recorded videos that she originally watched alone and when scenes came up where the males were first getting naked she would switch channels immediately if the cock sizes were less than desirable. This was all a bit intimidating to me at first because I have a small penis and I am the only man my wife has ever seen naked in real life much less having experienced sexually. One time we were watching a mmf threesome with these two black guys that both had crazy thick and long cocks and the female was going crazy as they both had their way with her. I reached between my wife's big beautiful thighs at some point to initiate sex and she was already dripping wet, wetter than I have ever felt her. She said she was really turned on by their cocks and she was imagining being the female in the video. Then she asked me if I would be okay with her having sex with those two men or men a lot like them. I was shocked she actually asked because I was imagining her being taken by them. Being put on the spot I replied yes I would be okay with it if that was something she really wanted or needed. She told me that if she ever did it the men would probably have to be black because they are more likely to have a thing for a thicker woman like her. We proceeded to have great sex that night. Now my beautiful wife notices random black men she sees in public that appear to have large cocks behind thier clothes and she tells me about it in detail. Recently she saw a black man walking on the sidewalk towards her in shorts and she told me he wasn't wearing any underwear because she noticed his huge cock swinging back and forth in his shorts with the tip sometimes coming into plain view below his shorts, which she said was an incredible turn on for her to see. Another time she noticed a muscular young black guy on an airplane when while getting seated his package rubbed all the way across her butt and she said it felt incredibly large. She said the hung young black man took every opportunity to stand throughout the flight and each time she got to examine his package because he would position it right in front of her face. She said she was tempted to unzip his pants and give him oral right there on the airplane. I don't know where this is going but I get more and more eager to hear about her noticing these hung men. She says she is not ready to do a hung black guy yet but she is certain that it will happen some day. My confession is that hearing her talk about noticing other men's huge cocks and wanting them makes me hard every time and I think I'm becoming obsessed with the thought of her having sex with hung black men. What am I supposed to do?

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  • She probably had a boyfriend with a big cock before you and she still thinks about it.

  • Heuristic

  • Been a while since I checked in. So where are things now? Have there been developments?

  • Not really any developments. She is still getting off talking about it while we are in bed together. She came across a cuckolding article online and she said it made her think more and more about how small my penis is and how she really needs to try some heavy cocks to become sexually satisfied. She will be out of town for work several times during the next couple of months and she keeps telling me not to be surprised if she hooks up with some big cocks while she is gone. We still haven't gone to a sex club. I don't know if it will ever actually happen.

  • I forgot to mention that a few nights ago she said at some point she would like to see me clean their cum from her tits and pussy and anywhere else she let them shoot it so that I could know what a real man's cum tastes like. I think that's gross and I don't know that I could do it but I didn't want to discourage her from fantasizing so I didn't say I wouldn't.

  • What are you supposed to do? I’m going to tell you. But first, let’s review:

    She enjoys sex videos with really big cocks. She imagines being the female in the video. It makes her dripping wet – wetter than you ever felt her. You're shocked by her fantasies of enormous cocks; yet you fantasize her doing it!

    She’s also watches and notices hung men real time. A hint of heavy dick is an 'incredible turn on' for her. It tempts her to be sexual with them. She discusses hung men with you in detail, and this improves your sex life.

    You get 'more and more eager to hear' this. Whenever she discusses, notices or admits to wanting huge cocks, you get hard – every. single. time. You’re obsessed with her sexing hung men.

    Now your concerns: 1] not wanting to act insecure, jealous, or controlling, 2] dealing with doubts, and 3] having no idea what to do. Your instincts on the first point are absolutely correct. Jealous, controlling or insecure acts will forfeit her respect for you. To avoid that, you must FACE your fears about being small and a bit intimidated by mega-cock.

    And you must recognize this:

    First, she isn’t ‘curious.’ She is gripped, spellbound, captivated and completely enthralled by heavy cock. She experiences huge cock as power that takes over her sexual imagination and MAKES her fantasize compulsively, MAKES her lubricate more heavily than you’ve ever seen, MAKES her feel submissive to hung men, and MAKES her insanely aroused.

    By the way, you’re tendency to be intimidated by heavy cock is Nature’s gentle way of nudging you to step aside as truly hung men take sex wife. The arousal that you experience from fantasizing about this is Nature’s payoff for you for doing what you’re SYPPOSED to do.

    If you wish, you can print this reply and show it to your wife. SHE can show you the way. As she discusses this, YOU will become extremely aroused … and YOUR arousal IS your consent for her to do this.

    Keep us posted!

  • I think you are correct. She deserves much more than having sex with my little penis every time, and I will step aside when she wants to take advantage of the opportunity to have more. I don't know about printing the reply for her though. It might be a turn off. I'm just going to let her decide without any pressure from me.

  • No pressure is the right path. Yet before SO much evidence, my hunch is she’s trying NOT to appear OVER-eager so as to intimidate or off-put you. Asking if you’d be good with her taking hung studs seeks an agreement on PRINCIPAL. That is as good as permission to discuss the particulars of ‘when’ and ‘under what rules/circumstances’ you might do this. But I understand that this may SEEM like ‘pressure’ on her part, even if you mean it as ‘permission.’

    ‘Not being ready yet’ may be HER way to see if you TRULY accept this lifestyle and are committed to support her in it. That seems to be supported by her ‘certainty’ that it will happen ‘some day.’ Here is what I propose:

    I think you can seek ‘non-pressure’ alternatives that keep this on the front burner. For example … You could tell her that your love for her is unconditional and you find it so powerful that she loves you the same way!

    You might continue that ‘you know that hearing you talking about the hung men you see pushes me into helpless arousal … so I’m enthralled by what I imagine those enormous dicks doing! You know I can’t HELP that because this is who I am. Many men with this fantasy struggle to accept it. But I have a wife who also understands and accepts me even though being a cuckold sums my inner sexual being! I feel that your taking those huge men is profoundly right and good, that it is supposed to be…

    And even with that…YOU STILL ACCEPT AND LOVE ME! That’s why I can trust you to use this to expand my love for you in ways we can’t yet imagine!

  • Thanks for the advice. I think she is ready but is worrying about how I will react when it happens . She volunteers ideas more often during sex and then after we're done she tells me how guilty she would feel if she actually did it and liked their big dicks so much better than mine. The night before last we had sex and she told me she kept imagining me standing naked along side of hung guys she was about to have sex with and she imagined comparing our sizes and showing me how small I am compared to them. She got really hot telling me what she wanted to do with them and ended by telling me that I needed to have sex with her immediately after them so I could feel how stretched out they made her. Almost every time we have sex she describes similar fantasies. It gets me off every time too. I have assured her that there is no pressure from me and I'm okay with it whenever she is ready even if it's spontaneous and I'm not able to be there.

  • I think she NEEDS to compare! She gets off from pointing out how you fall short. She needs to do this. And you need it also.

    As for how guilty she’d feel if she liked heavy dick so much more than yours – that’s rather the point. I think you can point out that YOU need to hear that as much as SHE needs to feel it! And you can explain that sexing her right after the hung studs take her would for you drive home the BEAUTY and RIGHTNESS of it! This is [at last] proof positive that size is hugely important, and that just as Nature endowed other men to sex her right, it also makes you feel submissive and gives you ENORMOUS pleasure to see real dicks get of off like she’s supposed to! It’s a bit like seeing what sex is SUPPOSED to be – for the first time! No wonder that is HUGELY hot for you both!

    If she fears being unable to stop, point out that getting her off so much better than YOU do GIVES those studs the RIGHT to take her – just as Nature intended. And the extreme arousal you get from this is Nature’s ‘pay off’ for your stepping aside as you’re SUPPOSED to while real dicks drive her into orbit.

    I think that you NEED her to TELL you how great these guys are at LEAST as much as SHE needs those glorious dicks to get off like never before! You can also explain that YOU need to feel how MUCH they stretch her to HELP you understand the difference that serious size truly makes. I think that this will elevate communication in your marriage to a whole, new level! Mean time, keep assuring her how her talking about this makes you ache uncontrollably for it!

  • Once again I agree and thank you for the comments. I told her that when she does it I need her to show me how small I am in comparison, and as they have sex I need her to tell me if it's better having sex with their heavy dicks versus having sex with me and my small penis. She told me she is certain that it will feel better and that she worries she might want sex with hung guys more and more often and therefore less often with me as a result. I told her that was the point and that her pleasure would be my pleasure and reward enough. She seems to be getting more and more excited and open about the idea as time goes on. I continue to assure her that I will be by her side regardless of what she decides to do and that I will accept whatever may come of it. I just want her to be happy and to know true sexual pleasure and satisfaction because she deserves it.

  • Excellent! You’re got EXACTLY the right approach! Guys all over blow it trying to pressure their woman! The way to do this is to build openness to this by stoking her excitement just as you are. You want her arousal to go through the roof! You’re reading my posts carefully, understanding my intention, and it seems to be enticing her ever closer to the deed! Her own body and arousal is changing her, preparing her to receive long, thick dicks!

    Her certainty that sex feels better with seriously heavy dicks [note plural – dicks!] proves Nature’s intention that she’s ‘SUPPOSED’ to do this. As an experiment, try explaining that just as discussing this arouses her and prepares her to do it, so YOU find it preparing you through YOUR excitement to accept it and receive it. Explain that as much as you KNOW and BELIEVE that truly man-sized dicks will make sex feel much better for her – that ultimately YOU must SEE it AND her reaction to make it TRULY REAL. Introduce the idea that YOU need this to LEARN RESPECT men who can put her into orbit SIMPLY because they are seriously hung! Explain that you need this to HELP you as a small guy come to terms with who YOU are … beside REAL men. You need her and them TOGETHER to teach you and make that truly real.

    Something for you to consider: email from another man [that they will never meet] sometimes helps some wives adjust and/or prepare for such a change. You’re the one IN this situation, so I will defer to you. But IF she agrees and IF you think it could help ‘stoke’ her fire, I would be open to emailing her. Just receiving mail very open email from another man can be very erotic for some women. I’m not crass and I’m a solid writer. If you think her verbalizing her thoughts with another man might help move her in this direction, let me know. Take care!

  • Are you a bull? Have you done this for couples in the past? I'll ask her if she would be interested and let you know. Thanks!

  • So I've been abroad several weeks, but am back home and have computer access once again. Wondering if there are any developments, or if this has been put on the back burner. How do things stand now?

  • She said she will consider setting up a different electronic mail address so she can communicate with other men as you suggested. I'll get you the address somehow if she does it. I think she likes the idea. We had great sex again last weekend as she fantasized about comparing me to guys with big dicks prior to having sex with them. I told her that I would need to be compared and to be properly humiliated by seeing it and hearing her say it to help me really understand; and she promised me she would be honest and tell me how much better they made her feel so that I could continue to accept who I am and discover a potentially new role as her loving husband subordinate to her heavy dick lovers. She is admitting that she thinks my penis is really small without me asking, which she has never done before. I wonder if that is a progression toward seeking other well endowed men? She also mentioned going to a Las Vegas sex club to just check it out because she recently read an article about one. Any suggestions?

  • I think you're [plural 'you'] are definitely 'on track.' Your wife is entirely correct about HOW to handle this transition.

    I think this works best if the wife plans a 'cuckolding ceremony' where specific things are said and done. These vary depending on the feelings/desires of the wife in question. That's what I'd like to discuss with her. I'll check back. If you say she has a new email addy, I'll post mine so she can write me.

    I don't doubt that a progression is unfolding. It isn't just that she's openly saying that you've been genuinely short-changed; it's that she wants to see long, pendulous cocks, swinging heavily between men's legs, slapping their thighs near their knees. Seeing it won't be like watching flicks. It will be much more real. The movement ... will captivate her. It will drive her arousal into high gear.

    It may be hard for her NOT to touch herself even in public at the club. Seeing it will change her. She'll desire it as never before. Her heart will pound. Her body will demand it, and she won't be truly satiated until she gets it.

    Let me know if she gets that addy. I imagine it'll be exciting for her knowing that YOU know another man is writing her about sex!

    All the best!

  • You’re most welcome.

    I’ve written a number of wives over the years. This is a safe and private way for wives to practice verbalizing their thoughts with another man. This can help clarify feelings. And just writing such things to another man leaves some wives dripping. I’ve been told that they shake with their arousal.

    Many wives share your wife’s fantasies and desire. But lacking the safe and respectful environment they need to support that discussion and exploration, they never pursue their feelings. That is simply tragic. And it is completely unnecessary. As you yourself know – it isn’t about pressure. It’s about giving permission to allow the passion, fantasy and temptation to happen. It’s about sharing these thoughts and feelings, and using them in your love life together, and taking great pleasure in your partner’s arousal. Once ideas get in the mind, they become like a key to unlocking everything.

    One thing: please don’t post your wife’s email. She won’t need all the trash that would draw to her in box. Let me know what you guys decide.

  • If you’re not shitting us, you know exactly where this is going. And to the question, ‘what am I supposed to do,’ the answer is really, really simple – there’s nothing you CAN do!

  • I'm looking for couples to watch porn I have a library of DVDs of porn who would Join me today in Cleveland geogia Helen ga area 706three nine one two six four three.text sex then Meg so I know u replied to my post

  • If you're not inventing this, she's ready and raring to go ... just trying not to look too desperate for it to happen.

  • Study being cuckold Pal

  • Hello how are u where u from I'm in Helen ga

  • Has she mentioned you trying chastity if not it will not be long, once that cock cage goes on and is locked your fucked, better ensure you get a nice plastic one with internal lock they are comfortable and you can wear them for extended periods, I have one it is nice but my wife does not let me orgasm or be around when her big dick boyfriends come over, she has informed me I can have three roots per year

  • Has she ever let you watch her having sex with these other guys?

  • No I have to leave when her boyfriends come around I don't see them nor they see me she gets fucked, fingered, tongued and toyed whenever she wants and I get a slack root three times a year she is considering letting me masturbate once a month that will be a big improvement

  • My wife says she wants me to be there at least for the first time just to observe and take photos and video recordings. She really wants to do oral on them (preferably two or more at a time) and then make out with me immediately, which she has watched on several porn video clips. Next she wants to try different positions that I am not very good at due to my size. She said she would like to have me lick her clit while one of them is in her pussy. She wants to give oral and hand jobs both while getting it doggy style and missionary. She wants me to stay dressed the entire time and when she finishes them off and they leave she wants me to have sex with her so that I can feel how stretched out they made her. She only wants extremely hung men and would choose one really hung guy versus several even above average size men. Once she gets comfortable with one or several of them she said she might want to have private dates with them while I stay home and watch the kids. She said she might send photos or video clips of some of the action while on these dates. She also mentioned that it might be nice for me to stand naked by these guys at some point not to join in but so she could compare their size to mine. She has thought a lot about this but is still very cautious about actually doing it. I can see now how she may want chastity for me if she ever actually does it but I wouldn't be okay with it if she didn't want sex with me afterward.

  • She's just sharing fantasies with you. It's fine and healthy. My husband knows I like looking at moresomes with bbc, especially with white women. Sometimes we watch together. The thing about it is that we are both a bit racist, which makes it all the more strange.

  • Sounds to me like it's already happening and she's just getting you ready for a threesome.

  • This may not end well for you Buddy a friend of mine started down the same track after permitting his wife to have other sexual partners all with gigantic dick's he had agreed to being locked in a cock cage, pretty soon he moved into the granny flat out the back so she could entertain her male friends whenever she wanted without being disturbed, she cuffs him behind and puts a leg spreader on every Sunday releases his cock, washes, shaves, cleans and teases him to precum then locks him again but does not let him cum proper, he has not orgasmed for four weeks, she has started lubing and putting large dildo's and butt plugs in his arse explaining that if he complain's or does not do all the housework to standard dressed in his Maid's outfit with heels, makeup and wig she might have him in the doggie position letting a couple of men fuck him hard and good obviously he would have to suck them off , he is scared shitless and complies with everything, nothing much he can do now though.
    So sorry Buster but I think you might be next.

  • I wrote the original post. What happened to your buddy sounds pretty extreme. My wife has assured me that she loves me and doesn't want to lose me and the feeling is mutual. I just want her to experience it because she has shown some obvious curiosity. I really think our relationship is strong enough to explore the idea but there are always some doubts. I really don't know what to do about it but I certainly don't want to act insecure, jeaolus, or controlling.

  • That's fine just be aware if she discusses chastity for you OK

  • Okay

  • Well it sounds like it is going to happen she has already informed you of that, please ensure she is discreet and only takes one at a time, make sure she is on the pill and preferably make the men wear condoms all the time.

  • She is on some type of birth control. She wants them to wear condoms but not when she is giving oral. I think she may even be okay with them cumming in her mouth or at least on her. Also, she has been clear that it turns her on to think about more than one at a time. Why just one?

  • Take your time go slow and let it happen. Sounds like you'll both like it.

  • She already had that big black cock, you know that. She is going to fuck them and make you clean that black cum from her ass and pussy with your tongue.

  • I wouldn't clean it up.

  • Not going to happen.

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