Panty wearer

I love to wear panties. I started when I was 12 years old and have been secretly wearing them for over fifty years. Recently my wife was cleaning out her panty drawer and was going to trash some of her panties. I confessed that I had a panty fetish and wanted to have the panties for myself. She has accepted my desire to wear panties and I am so relieved. I have several pairs and wear them 24/7. I’m not gay . I just love the feel and look of panties. I’m so lucky to have such a loving and supportive wife.

1 month ago

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    • I like garter belts especially they make me feel elegant— my neighbor is a total peeper so I guess he knows anyway—

    • Stroke on out for him

    • Panties are great I'm wearing pantise everyday now, plain ones for day to day and for work and sexy ones for when I go out or if I'm expecting to suck a cock. I like full briefs with lycra in them, they are smooth and tight fitting

    • I’ve been wearing more bikinis and thongs this summer and love them. Thongs took a little bit of getting used to but once I learned how to keep them from riding up my crack they’re the best. You fell cool in the heat and super’s hard to find women’s thongs that work for guys , Try Jockey , No Panty Line Promise .

    • Fantastic I have been wearing panties and other Femme clothes around the house for years my wife loves seeing me dressed.

    • I have been ordering some gaffs from En Femme and like them a lot.

    • I love them too my wife picks them out for me

    • I’m a life long panty wearer and can’t imagine putting on a pair of those heavy diaper like white undies or boxers. All day long you’re uncomfortable, no thanks. I have at least 100 different styles , colors , and prints. My wife doesn’t mind a bit and thinks nothing of it when I get dressed in front of her. I know the brands and styles that fit the best for men and don’t care about being labeled a cross dresser.

    • Sounds like you should be committed to a mental asylum for the rest of your natural life.

    • Don’t listen to this guy.

    • Thats called crossdressing. Crossdressing is wearing to opposite genders clothing. And crossdressing isn't a big deal. Women commonly wear mens briefs to bed or a mans shirt. Thats crossdressing. Wear what ever you want.

    • My wife says that I have a bubble butt . That I look like a woman from behind. She talked me into trying on a pair of panties once she wanted to see what my ass looked like in them. I was surprised how comfortable it was wearing them. She has been buying me all kinds of different panties for years now. I have even caught myself looking in a mirror to see how my ass looks in a new pair. So I guess she's turned me into a sissy. I don't care.

    • Your wife is a goddess keep her

    • Good for you . Enjoy life . You have a great wife.

    • Love wearing knickers with lots of lace have done for years. The ladies love it and I think wearing them turns the ladies on and makes them give amazing blowjobs

    • My wife says its not gay for sissies. Its natural for you to need a man.

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