Mentally retarded grandmother

My grandma (mom of my dad) lives with us. She's quite old and she's mentally retarded (say my parents). Grandma does not speak since over 6 months now. When my parents are out of the house, I have to watch and care for Grandma. I love to show her my cock. Once I came from the shower and she stood in the floor. She looked all the time at my cock and when he got bigger and bigger she smiled at me. Since then I show it to her and I masturbate in front of her. I think she's not only ok with it, she likes it.

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  • Make her suck it

  • I wrote a story similar to yours, my grandmother has bad memory issues and one weekend while I was watching her with my parents out of town she just reached over and started rubbing the front of my sweats. I had nothing else on under them and in all the shock and excitement I got hard quick. Minutes later I was standing in front of her with my sweats down at my ankles getting sucked on, I was so turned on and never thought about any ramifications. The first time happened in the morning then in the late afternoon she asked me to come over to her and I asked what she needed and she told me to get my thing out again so she could play with it. She looked up at me and asked if the lady was back yet and when I told her no not until tomorrow a big smile went across her face and she told me good then we have plenty of time.
    I never heard anything about it and watched her several times over the years getting sucked off most of the time.

  • Oh, thats hot! You've never been caught?

  • I just wrote a second part. look for it!

  • Why haven't you fucked her yet? Grannies need some lovin too, even the retarded ones. She's probably too old to be fertil, so you can fill that old pussy up to the brim with no worries. Just be careful you don't break her hip, some grannies are really fragile.

  • Oh yes I think about it all the time.

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