They would not be happy with me

My grandma stayed with us during my teens and I was pretty much a horny masturbating guy back then but always kept it to myself. She was so out of it most of the time that she called me by someone else's name and often my dad would tell her his name. My parents were going to go on this overnight weekend event but were worried about grandma, I assured them that I could watch her for one night and day while they were gone. I mean she slept all night and napped during the day often so keeping her with snacks and food was the hardest part of the day, she did not have any issues with bathroom usuage just no memory left.
She asked me a few times where the woman was by late afternoon and I told her that mom and dad were going to be gone until tomorrow but I am not sure she was getting it. The day went pretty good and I was standing next to her chair switching channels on the tv asking her what she wanted to watch when I felt something touch the front of me. I looked down and she was staring right at me with her hand groping the front of my shorts. I froze thinking I should not make a big deal of this but part of me was thinking why in the world is she doing this, I casually asked her what she was doing and she called me somebody elses name again and told me she just wanted to touch a weenie again. I stood there while she groped around the front of me then decided in my hormone crazy brain to just pull down my shorts and let her fondle away. I stood there for a few minutes still tingling from the craziness of this watching her fingers go around my now erect cock, she lifted it up and brought her other hand over trying to touch my testicles. I could see she was straining so I walked right over in front of her giving her all the access she wanted to me. She reached out with both hands and played with me for quite a few minutes, she looked straight at it while she caressed and stroked me then told me that her husband used to love this all the time. She told me that he would come home from work in the evening, they would have dinner then when it was bedtime he would want her to either stroke him or suck on him. I stood there trying not to picture her pleasuring my grandfather but I could not get the thought out of my head, then another thought came to mind. What if she asked my mom where the cute man was that let her play with his dick? Would she think grandma was crazy or wonder what in the world I did with her, she had never acted this way at all and for crying out loud she had never even got my name right. It was like I was staring at a train wreck, I could not turn away, the feelings of her caressing me felt so good and it was wrong but I could not pull myself away from it.
I was standing there hard as a rock with her still running her fingers around me teasing me like crazy, her face was only like a foot from it and I had my feet right at the front of her chair. I bent my body slowly moving my cock forward and she slowly leaned forward for the last few inches and put the head of my cock into her mouth and started sucking on me. I was trembling from head to toe as her tongue and lips slid over the end of my cock while visions of my parents killing me flew thru my head. I started to get that feeling in my balls as I watched her head slowly going back and forth with her hand squeezing and stroking the shaft. I thought I should tell her I was going to cum but then thought surely she has done this before and knows what to expect. I felt my first contraction and ejaculation going and she did not even stop her rythymn as I came filling her mouth I watched as she swallowed and sucked on me. I stood there while she kept on going long after my orgasm sucking and stroking me like it was old hat for her. She finally quit and leaned back telling me that she really missed doing that and I had a really nice one.
I went to bed after she was sleeping away in her bed thinking I was a dead man for sure but when my parents returned the next day they were overjoyed that all went really well for it and next thing I know like three months later I was right back in the same situation. I was sure if she had asked my mother anything I would have been thrown out of the house so I was amazed and relieved that nothing happened. I was sitting in the livingroom with grandma when out of the blue during some tv show she asked me if the woman was gone again. I was so torn on what to tell her, my spine rippled with tingles as I again explained that they were gone on an overnight again. She was looking right at me and told me good, come over here and let me touch your thing again. I was amazed again as I stood up and walked right over to her and she was staring at my waist not even looking upward. I had on jeans this time so I undid them and slid them down standing there in my boxers, she worked the front of them down and went right to caressing and teasing me again. I decided to just stand there for as long as I could take it while she played with it to her satisfaction, I was sucked and stroked thru two orgasms when she finally leaned back and told me that was great. She must have played with me for almost an hour and my cock was tingling so much that I could not imagine how this could feel any better.
I never received any sort of hint that she ever told anyone about this and will always remember the feelings of not be able to stop it from happening.

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  • I miss the days of my sister partying until she puked or passed out, she is a year older than I am and would always grope her everywhere. She would always have a few friends over when my parents travelled, get drunk off her ass and pass out. I would tell them all the fun was over and clean up some while she got sleeping really good then go into her room and strip her down to nothing, I really miss her perfect tits that were firm as melons with really nice pink nipples. Her husband is so lucky because her body is absolutely gorgeous still to this day ten years later, having kids just made her boobs bigger and her hips more curvy.

  • Years ago my sister was in an accident where she fell at work. I was called to pick he up from the hospital. They had given her something pretty strong as she just kept calling me David. I'm not David and neither is her husband so I had know idea where that was coming from. I get her back to the house get her all comfy on the couch and she starts telling"David" how good he was to her and to come over to her. I 'm laughing at her because she is so whacked out but go to the couch. Her eyes are half shut and glazed but she is telling me how she wants to finish what she started yesterday before they almost got caught. She reached up and went for my crotch. I started backing away and she got pissed Saying" stop fucking around, do you want a blowjob or not, my husband will be home soon and I don't want to get caught. Five minutes later I was cumming down my cheating whore of a sister's throat. I met David two days later , turned out he used to work at the same place her husband works..

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