Grandma Cuckolds Grandpa

It started after I turned 18. I was doing yard work for my grandparents. It was ok for me to shower off in their bathroom. One time the bathroom door I forgot to close completely. I had a stiffy while drying off. I didn't know it but grandma peeked in. For some reason after that incident, grandma started to get extra nice to me and very touchy.

One day after my shower I was walking down the hall and spotted grandma asleep. She wasn't really asleep but was faking it. She was laying there naked. I quietly stepped in to see her boobs and slit better. For her age her body looked extremely nice. She had big circular nipples that engulfed her tits and a long shaven slit. I've gotten a boner from looking at her. She widen her legs apart. I gotten so horny that I took a bold nasty step. I lowered my head to taste her snatch. I felt her hand on my head pushing it into her and moaning. I figured she was dreaming but when I looked up she had a big smile on her face. "Suck my breasts, Bobby." she said. I did what she asked. "Oh! you're such a naughty boy Bobby!" grandma told me. Then she told me to undress because she seen my stiffy in the bathroom and I was no longer a boy but a real man. "Rub my slit with it Bobby." I was told by her. I was rubbing her slit and her clit that pertruded with my dick. She was getting moist and decided to slip it in her. I kept on fucking her for awhile until I explodded. She confessed to me she had three orgasms.

I thought this was a one time event for me. But the next time I was over she was waiting for me naked on the sofa. I was looking at her tits moving and shaking as I was pounding her and didn't realize grandpa was looking on until I lifted my head. I pulled my dick out quickly. "Don't stop son, your grandmother and I decided to give you another chore around here. That it's your job to please her. My cock is losing it's strenght." my grandfather said.

Instead of doing yard work right away, grandpa sits in a chair in the bedroom looking on as I pound grandma in all kinds of positions. Him hearing grandma moan out loud as I eat her juicy snatch. My mom can't figure out why I'm needed so much at her parents place.

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  • You still doing grandma?

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