My Daughters Friend

I am a 49 year old man with a daughter who just turned 22. She is in college but I raised her myself. When she was in high school her friends always wanted to come over and I would cook for them after school. Basically I raised a bunch of girls. Last week one of her friends who just moved back home (she graduated college) stopped by for a few drinks. As soon as she saw me she started hugging me and touching me. While my daughter was I. The bathroom this girl just pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me on the lips. She also ran her hand across the front of my pants and gave me an erection. The whole thing just shocked me and aroused me at the same time! Throughout the night she would walk by and gently touch me as she walked by. At one point she grabbed my hand and slid it under her skirt and placed in her panties. She reached back and started tugging on the front of my pants. This was in a room for of people who didn’t see it thank God. I don’t know what to do, but if I sleep with her my daughter will be furious!

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    • My daughter's friend is a little ebony thing with braces who feels no need for a bra when she's at our house. I finally made out with her and felt her up under her shirt—I felt like I was 15 again! Just as I started to unzip my daughter came back. This little thing is gonna be mine...

    • So what if your daughter will be furious, your both consenting adults: if you have the chance to shag a beautiful (I'm assuming she's beautiful and sexy) college graduate then do it, this might be the only chance you'll get, so dont waste it, do it and dont forget that girls tell each other everything so the chances are she has already told your daughter that she's attracted to you anyway

    • 100%

    • My daughter brought her college roommate home on the weekends sometimes and she was a lot of fun, I would watch the two of them going out and remember what I was doing back at their age. My daughter went to Mexico that year for spring break and the day after she left her roommate just shows up at my house in the afternoon. I was surprised because she had to have known about the trip, I still invited her in and asked her about it and she said of course she knew about the trip so she wanted to come here and have some fun knowing I would be alone.

    • Don’t do it, she may just blackmail you for gifts and cash

    • Worth it

    • I have a son who had a friend that I suspected was at least bi. He’d always try to see me with my shirt off and I know that look. Once as a sophomore in college he came to visit knowing my son was not home. He found my profile on Grindr and told me so. Well we talked and he told me he luster after me for years and years. Then moved next to each other and started making out on the couch, the family was at the movies…so I let him take what he always wanted. We kissed and masssged each other. He started to nibble on my hairy nipples and used his hand on my cock. I shot a huge load

    • Now I want to fuck her

    • Wash you hand seven times

    • Fuck you nanny0816 You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck.

    • Fuck you wetnhorny You ain't fooling anyone dude! Get the fuck out of here sick fuck!

    • Remember the time you put an avocado in your cunt and you got rancid guacamole? And your mom ate it and vomited into your mouth and you swallowed it and then shat it into your moms mouth and y'all went back and forth like that for a couple days? That was cool.

    • If you raised daughters then you know how immature they are at that age. They act stupid and are horrible in bed. They where good when you where 22 but now you have out grown them. Not worth it.

    • They're great when they're 23 cuz I fuck the shit outta them when they're 22

      You're welcome

    • Nope they are still immature and are horrible in bed. You hook up with an older like 30 plus woman and they will please you more and even teach you something new.

    • No they are great in bed because they all started fucking when they were 15
      You obviously don't live in Florida

    • You clearly have no idea. Grow up loose your virginity and get some experience.

    • Losing virginity is what I do to little girls here in the panhandle that dress like sluts and think they're grown up, until they cry and scream "take it out it hurts!" well now they're great in bed and they have me to thank, in fact you ALL have me to thank, you're fucking welcome. All except YOU, the dried up old pearl-clutching cunt!

    • Thats why you are still a virgin.

    • Whatever helps to keep you from taking your life. You take all the comfort and solace you can from your beliefs.

    • I can't help it. All I think about is dying. The sweet release of death is my only solace in a bleak empty world. That and telling you your post is bull shit and your post is fake and that my parents were married 53 years.

    • If you don't bang that tang you will be on your death bed in a couple decades and think "what in the actual fuck" and kick yourself

    • You would fuck anything! You have no class what so ever.

    • I sure as shit wouldn't fuck YOU you ugly shriveled up old cunt!

    • Fuck you dude, I am a man. I have a penis that I made in art class when I was seven!

    • Don't do it. You are right, your daughter will be pissed. I know from experience. When my daughter was in highschool, her bestfriend would "innocently flirt" with me. My wife at the time, and my daughters mother thought it was cute. She laughed it off, as did I. Thankfully there nothing more than innocent flirting while they were in highschool. After the girls graduated, they both went to WIU to study medical. After the first year, my daughters bestfriend didn't want to go back, so I gave her a job helping me with my construction business. My wife and I were having problems and headed for divorce, so she wasn't doing the books anymore. I needed someone I could trust, so I hired her. It wasn't long before she was flirting with me again. One thing led to another and we ended up having sex in my office one night. I tried to end it the next day, but she expressed how she had feelings for me, and had always wanted to be with me. I guess I knew that was true, so we started dating. She and I kept it a secret for awhile, but that next summer, my daughter walked in my office and caught using kissing. It was just a quick kiss, but it was enough. My daughter freaked out on both of us and actually accused us of having an affair on her mother, which was not true. She no longer speaks to either of us, and still claims she broke up her mom and dad. She and I continue to date, but my daughter no longer wants anything to do with me. So be prepared to trade your daughter for her if you cross that line. Maybe someday she will forgive us, but it's not looking like anytime soon. To be honest though, her bestfriend and I get along great. We have been dating for almost 2 years now, and we have so much in common. I'm glad we crossed the line, now if my daughter would just forgive us.

    • You made the wrong choice in being with someone your daughter's age and her friend too. Take it from a woman who has morals and standards that it is embarrassing to your daughter that you are with a young woman her age. You're being selfish too because you're taking away the woman your dating from the pool of men her own age which is where she should be not with a man old enough to be her father who will not be around when her children are in high school most likely.

    • I'm glad you went after the friend. And that it's worked out so well for you. Never let let your daughter keep you from your delicious girlfriend. She's being selfish and will eventually get over herself. You made the right choice. Remember that every time you take that beautiful young girl out in public and everyone sees you with her. And every time you take her to bed. YOU MADE THE RIGHT DECISION!!

    • Your daughter's just mad because she wanted your cock and her friend got it!

    • Bang her! Hard! She needs it!

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