Under a Bull's Advice, I'm Slowly Training my Fiancée...


I've been interested with cuckolding for a long time now but I've never told anyone. To quench my needs or get my fix, I watch cuckold porn. Now don't get me wrong, I love my fiancée and we have plenty of sex. However, this cuckold thing is a powerful fantasy of mine.

For about two months, I've been talking with this 'expert' Bull (took me some time to find him) and he told me my fantasy is perfectly normal. This Bull is not anonymous or anything and even has a website where he talks about his professional life as a 'couple trainer'; he teaches couples to adopt this cuckold lifestyle. Under his advice, I was told to confess my fantasy, but I'm not ready for that, so he proposed a risky thing. The plan was 'simple', while my fiancée and I had sex I'd bring up the cuckold topic. He said, "While you have sex with her and she's really aroused, tell her if she'd consider another man, a third man in our bed?" I thought this idea was ludicrous but it somehow worked. My fiancée, while in a missionary position, shouted, "Yes! Yes! I'd love a man with a large p e n i s!" Needless to say, this was an eye opener for the both of us because after sex we talked some more. Since that day, we started to watch cuckold movies or movies the feature two men and one woman.

I still chat with the Bull and since talking to him and following his advice, my fiancée wants to explore the cuckold life, but slowly. For example, she'd like to chat or watch live cams featuring Bulls. I know this is an extremely risky thing to do, but the desire is stronger and with my fiancée on board it's hard to back down.

I don't know where this is headed but I'm willing to try and see.

I know a lot of people will judge, but this is our life.

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  • You’re exactly right – this IS your life to live! And I’ll tell you something else. Especially now that you and you intended are enjoying porn with women and hung men, you’re finding that your desire for this grows. The existential component is real – this isn’t just imagination … we’re leading toward doing this.

    But why should this be ‘extremely risky?’ Is it that seriously heavy cock packs a wallop you can’t? I thought that was the point! Some men are uniquely gifted to make women experience excruciating pleasure. Ours is not to wonder why, but rather love the women in our lives for receiving that gift. If a truly gifted male offers your woman what you cannot, if he is respectful of you both, and does not try to come between you, why would you NOT want this for her?

  • I like to watch my wife having sex with other men I even clean up their spunk of her body

  • So why back down?

    If she's already open to discussing/watching videos, you've made tremendous progress! Make a point of pulling out all the stops whenever this is included in your sex play. Once she 'gets it' that it is more rewarding for HER when this is part of your sex talk/role play and it may happen more frequently.

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