I like heavy mean to sit, bounce, and do butt drops on my stomach. I live in Atlanta and weigh 210. Who wants to see how long I can support their weight!

2 months ago

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    • My hot older sister loves when I wrap my hands around her thin, size 0 waist, squeeze as hard as I can, and not let her go. She'll try to wiggle and pry herself out of my grips, but can't, and I'll squeeze tighter so she gasps for air and face turns as red as her killer-long, polished nails. I've picked her up off her feet while squeezing her tight, too, and she'll say put her down but really loves it. Wears tiny, teasing, tummy and ribs-baring crop tops just so I'll squeeze her waist until she can't breathe and begs me to let her go. I love doing it to her and leaving marks on her, reminding her where my hands were and what they do to her. She's admitted to really enjoying it and has told me to get her whenever I want. Also loves when I poke and swirl her deep, oval innie navel while squeezing.

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