Roommate in stretch pants

I have always been a straight girl. The same goes for my roommate. Lately I have been getting aroused when I hear her masturbate and moan. She has no idea and it's not that I try to listen, but she gets a bit load sometimes. OK so I have no interest in another girl.
I was reading, get to know your clit, when she came home from the gym in the tightest black workout pants half up both cracks. I don't even think she was wearing a g-string. It was a brief visit; in, hi, to kitchen for water, and off to her shower she went.
I was already hot from reading and learning my clit. I could not hold back. I rubbed to glory with her being the catalyst. Holly cow that was soooo good that I need more as soon as I hit send.
Now I have the hots for a girl?????

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  • Get comfy, think of her, close your eyes and find what you like best. Touch yourself lightly and imagine as you get worked up and wet. Get a finger wet. Then smell and taste it. Then use your wet finger to tenderly, press down on your clit, squeeze it and let loose, twitch it, circle it, pinch it, rub it. Experiment. Use two hands. I wish I could teach you. Maybe massage your friend and she will give you the physical relief you need.

  • Sniff her panty or stretch pants crotch when she’s showering , then u will really cum hard.

  • My husband does not fuck me. I am looking for sex chat. Chat with me now:

  • Cos your ugly as fuck

  • Sounds likr you, too, are just horny.

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