I Hate All Women

It pisses me off on Twitter that there is always some sexist attention wanting bitch wants to spew hate towards men wishing men were all dead or calling men trash but if a man talks shit about women these bitches get instantly triggered.

Yeah if you can't take getting called out on your bullshit then don't say anything in the first place just because you sexist bitches just want attention.

My question why does Twitter allow this bullshit from the lying #MeToo bitches if anything women lie all the time about being raped because women believe they should be at the top of the food chain. Well guess what if I was running twitter I would ban these lying sexist bitches and call for a witch hunt on these ignorant bitches.

Also Fat Women are repulsive not beautiful no man would ever date a fat disgusting boar of a woman. If women don't want fat men then men don't want fat women so how about you be fair instead of crying sexist you stupid cunts.

My dumbass sister talks about how men are all useless except gay men well guess what I called her a stupid bitch and told her women are useless too and she slapped me in the face and I punched her in the mouth and proceeded to beat the living fuck out of her and threw her out of my house.

Why should Women be allowed to attack men but men aren't allowed to hit women. If some bitch hits me I will hit back and when I hit back I will beat the fuck out of you stupid bitches.

Women can't drive either these stupid bitches cause accidents because they won't get off their phones and pay attention. Some stupid cunt nearly hit my car and I told her to get off her fucking phone and she gave me the finger and I ran my car into hers; she yells at me I yelled back, she tried to hit me and I punched her in the face.

Also I would never let some bitch try to run me over with a car, I would get in my car and run their dumbass over or hit their car with mine. These bitches will greatly suffer.

Women are nothing but hypocrites who thinks that the whole world revolves around them,. Guess what it doesn't if you hate men so much than I have every right to say how much I hate women and if you got a problem with it than try and do something about it because i'll make sure it'll be the last thing you stupid cunts will ever do.

I hate all women and think they all deserve to be destroyed.

1 month ago

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    • You are poisoning yourself with this hostile attitude.

    • Wow, take a fucking chill pill. Not all women hate their men. Yes,
      There is the metoo movement, and yes I won't deny that some women are using it to lie about men and get ahead. But did you know that not even 60 years ago, women weren't allowed to own a checking account unless another man was on the account with her? That's right, even if a woman who was 25 years old and single wanted a bank account, she had to have her dad, or uncle, or some guy on the account with her. How fucked up is that? Women couldn't own any property neither. So if that same woman wanted to buy a house, she had to put it in her dad, uncle, whoever's name because she couldn't legally own property. I mean the blacks want to cry and claim they were oppressed, shit. So were women. But here's the difference. Where as some women have been convinced to hate men today for what men did yesterday, some actually don't don't. Some of us actually love our husbands and I recognize he works harder than I do. While I work part time at the craft shop, my husband works 12 and 15 hour days in a hot factory. So if I want to make him dinner and have it on the dang table when he gets home, that's what I'm going to do. And I don't care what the hell some of these man hating women say.

    • Yet here you are you little worm of a man. You talk big in here, but in the real world women like me rule your little bitch ass, we show you what we have in short skirts and heels, and you know that you will never ever have any of it. You are so pathetic you never get laid and never will, we ignore little worm boys like you…we step on you, make fun of you and laugh at how pathetic you are. Your mom and sisters know it too.

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