No longer Pathetic Cuckold. How about you ?

I have been married twice and twice burned by lying cheating whores. It's been 10 years since I have had a girlfriend. I'm no longer controlled by these venomous lying bitches and the system created to care for these whores. My life is so much better off now and in just a few short years will no longer have to pay my last wife for anything. It's been a long road and a rough one but well worth it. I had some part in what was going on. Because it was me who kept rushing head long into one relationship after another thinking my happiness was with a female. They are snakes waiting to trip you up. With my first wife I was living the life of a cuckold. I didn't know she was fucking around but when I found out I chose to stay. The cheating continued thinking I could handle it. Then I started fucking around on her and found my second wife whom I stole from another poor unsuspecting cuck. Being tired of being a cuck I figured I would do unto others and make them the cuckold. That didn't last very long and after one child with her I moved on after she lied and said I was abusing her and beating her. All lies she told to try and destroy me cause I was cheating on her. I have my life in a great place now. Free of a woman in my life. Things are much simpler now. My bills all get paid and have money left over. I have a good savings and I enjoy my life and working and you don't need a woman for that. I'm older so I understand many younger men feel the need to have a woman in their life. But you better be smart and watch out. These young bitches think nothing of lying and cheating and even putting you in jail if so desired.

My friends if you want a new way of life thing about " going your own way." MGTOW style. We are not homosexual but men who got tired of being caught up in the bullshit we have been told all our lives. That you have to be with a woman to be happy. I am much happier now than ever before when I was married or with any of the women I was with. Think about it my brothers. Are you tired of being a " CUCKOLD" ? That is a fucking low life to live. Let others who are weak be the cucks not you. You can live a wonderful life and actually enjoy yourself without a female fucking it up. Face it. Men and woman have different needs. They will never be the same. They use men to get what they need whether it be money or sex, or security. Stop playing their game. We are the stronger sex as time will bare out. They need us more than we need them. If you are tired of being used by women and then treated like nothing join a growing movement of men deciding to live without a woman. Like John Lennon had a vision of life free of countries, and religion. He too was caught up with women. Well you don't have to be. Only you can decide. But if you are tired of being on the marriage/relationship go round and wish to uncomplicate your life it can be done. I feel for those young men living now. The Me to # movement is scary cause a woman can accuse a man of anything and their is little the man can do to protect himself from these vicious venomous lying whores of today. It was bad enough for our fathers who paid through the nose providing a life for these bitches. Nobody should be just handed a life guaranteed because of a marriage. Think men. Men get married and are single parents and work and raise children. Well so can women. They shouldn't have been just given a free ride on the backs of others hard labors.

It use to be that women were out living their mates. But now they got all the freedom they wanted they are dying from the same shit that killed us. Stress and heart disease related illness. Whoever said you can't have your cake and eat it to never had to deal with family court and the bullshit it has created. I say give them the same treatment that we men have endured. If they need money they should be told to get jobs by the judges. Some are doing this. There was a woman who said she needed more money for her and her children to survive. She wanted to be a stay at home mom and considered herself a writer. But she also wanted her husband to provide for her while she plied her trade as a writer. A female judge in charge of her case simply told her to get a job. Afterwards the woman said she felt betrayed by another woman not a man. These fucking bitches think they are entitled to a living and don't want to work for it. I can remember back about 18 years ago when a buddy who wasn't married was dating many women on a dating site. He shared with me the women they matched for him. Close to 90 % were looking for a man to take care of them. They clearly stated this in their videos viewed by prospective daters. Even the women who had jobs stated they wished to stay at home while their mates would work to provide a life for them. Fuck I would like that too. Seriously though. I wouldn't want to be provided for by another human being and beholding unto no one. It's flawed thinking to want another person to take care of you. I want to control my own life as much as possible and don't want to have to explain why I have made the choices that I did. Anyone who says they do you should get the hell away from. Cause they are fucking lying. They want to be cared for but they don't want to beholding to anyone either. Just ask any grown child who has gone to their parents for money. Yeah they want the bread but they don't want mom or dad telling them they think the stuff they are spending money on is not a good idea. So you should run from anyone who wants to be provided for by others and not willing to do anything to help themselves. Enough said men. You can make it on your own and have a meaningful life. You don't have to be homosexual either. Life can be enjoyed and so much more simpler if you just try.


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  • I went to a MGTOW meeting once. It was stupid. They got coffee and donuts and sat around talking about how they are getting screwed by their ex-wives and the system. It would have been much better had they all got naked lubed up their cocks and had a circle jerk. Now that I could have really enjoyed. I would have been the pivot man.

  • I hate twinkled toed cock suckers so much. I would let you suck on my cock though. Dick at 11 pm.

  • All you guys are fucking suckers. MGTOW and you CUCKOLDS are fucking losers. I fuck whoever I want when I want. Wait let me just say like MGTOW I'm not gay. I don't suck dicks or let another man touch my private parts. Including the doctor. My doctor is a woman. She can touch any part of my body no problem. You could say I am a homophobe. No problem with that title I will wear it. Any man tries and touch my shit I'll fucking kill the som- bitch. When it comes to women I fuck them in all their holes. I will not marry one though. Not interested in having kids cause I'm too selfish of a person. I admit it. So I will date and fuck a woman and when she starts to talk about the big "M" I leave her high and dry. She better not lie about me or try anything funny. Cause I have friends who would do nasty stuff to her if she did. Including making her disappear for ever. I say fuck around and have a good time. Then leave the bitches. You men that get hooked on women and are cuckolds are the biggest bunch of losers on the planet and you all deserve what you get. Yeah I will fuck your women and laugh at you bunch of pathetic losers. You guys make me sick. Women are to be used and then discarded not put on a pedestal. I can always find plenty of willing dumb ass bitches.

  • I'm a cuckold in every sense of the word.My last relationship ended when I couldn't get her pregnant because tests revealed I was sterile.I ended up getting with a younger girl who had a kid.I told her my problem and she still wanted to marry me but she wanted more kids.So a dilemma.It was easily fixed though.I told her to hook up with her ex.So she did.A few nights a week for a month and she was soon pregnant.As we chatted she admitted it was exciting fucking him again.I asked her why she said she didn't want to make me jealous.I told her it's OK I want to hear.She said because he was huge and could fuck her really good and hard.Not what I could offer.But it excited me too.So I told her that she could go and see him again when she needed good sex.She even gave him a little story about cheating on her hubby and he loved fucking her even more.

  • I am a cuckold. I didn't know that I was one or what even it meant. Then I learned that my wife was fucking around on me with an old lover. I don't blame her though. She wasn't being sexually fulfilled by my little cock. She desired more than I could give her. I love my wife and I want her to be happy. So I told her to get what she needs. Unlike many in the cuckold lifestyle my wife still lets me fuck her. I get really turned on knowing another man is fucking her sexy sweet pussy and filling her full of his cum. It just really turns me on so much to know that I am sharing my sexy hot wife with another man. A man who is bigger than me. It drives me wild with desire for her. I want her more. Sorry things didn't work out for you. I find that very sad. I would much rather be with my wife than not have her at all. Cheating isn't horrible. I find it very much an incredible turn on for me. I know some will disagree and that is ok. If we all felt the same way life would be boring. I hope that you may someday find a woman who will love you even though you have a tiny penis like me. My wife loves me. If she didn't she wouldn't still make love to me. She fucks my brains out. I love her so I have no problem with her getting her world rocked by her lover.

  • By chance do you have homoerotic fantasies about her lover?

  • Yes I do. I'm wondering what you look like and how big your penis is. I would suck you off the first time we meet. You could also bend me over the sofa and fuck me good. Feel your big hairy balls smacking mine. I have little balls and a small dick. 4.75 inches to be exact. My wife makes fun of me all the time.

  • I've had lots of women. No trouble with finding them. The trouble is not getting caught up in a web of lies and deceit that many perpetrate on their partners. Why people cheat is a whole story in of itself. I suppose it's in our nature to do so. If I know what I do now I would have never gotten married or had any children. I would have just fucked and enjoyed sex. The truth is most women want to get married and have a man take care of them while they stay at home. That's fine if you are in agreement. Personally I believe our government should legalize prostitution across the board in all 50 states and regulate and tax it. Many men feel that they are paying for sex one way or another. Who makes out better. The man who buys a $1000 hooker a couple times a year. Or the man who provides a woman with a $750,000.00 home, $50,000.00 automobile, and two or three credit cards. That's up to the man. Better yet why not spend $5000-$10,000 on one of those incredible life like new sex dolls they are making. At least you don't have to worry about it cheating on you with your buddy, neighbor, brother, police, plumber, pastor, or kid down the street. I'm at a point where my life is pretty fucking good.

  • All of these MGTOW guys are fucking idiots. They all couldn't get any pussy, so they feel that they have to hate women. They turn it into a feminist thing too. It's not.

    I've been fucked over by women, but also financially by men too, as I'm a lender and some guys don't pay their debts. Anyone who fucks someone over personally or professionally is garbage. It's not a female MGTOW thing. Men are garbage too.

    I run a payday loan business, and I've been married three times. I'm not perfect, and I also led to the demise of one of my relationships. My women fucked around too, but it wasn't because of some MGTOW reason like I was the breadwinner or "beta" rather than "alpha." I have no regrets about dating, marriage, and living a happy life. The pussy has been great. I fuck a lot of women, and I think you would too, if you could.

    Maybe the assholes who are into MGTOW would say that I took the "blue pill," but that is because you are too busy rationalizing being garbage to realize that the world is filled with pussy, and if you are successful enough to attract it, it will come to you. I bet most guys here would feel the same, but then again, there are some weird types who like to be cucked, used, and shit here.

  • You are dumber than me. Married three times to my two. Yes people can be real assholes. But we are told a bunch of shit as boys about females. You either learn from your mistakes or you don't it's that simple. I made up my mind that I don't need any woman in my life nor am I willing to risk it again this stage in my life. Older couples who have come together in the late stages of life do not marry. They keep their finances and medical separate. There are truly some nasty women who prey on men. Like I said no one is owed a living on the back of another ones hard efforts. I have chosen to for go the dating / marriage scene. Yes at anytime you can be screwed over by anyone. But if you don't change what you do you will relive your mistakes. There is another way. If you want a woman in your life that's up to you I really don't give a fuck what you do. This is to let other men who maybe thinking about going it on their own that they can. We live in strange times. I personally know some young men who have paid dearly when the women they were dating decided to lie and destroy them. One it got so bad he considered killing the bitch with his bare hands. I persuaded him that would ruin his life. He's going to make it but the price has been too high. Our society is full of liars and cheats driven by money and power. All politicians are liars and cheats by nature. It's cause absolute power corrupts. All I can say is if I keep doing the same thing without changing than I get what I deserve.

  • No cuckold here. My mom and I only fuck each other.

  • Funny! Get real man. If you really are having relations with your mother you need more help than MGTOW or any professional could give. Your comment is better suited on someone else's post. Plenty of them on this site. My post is for men who are tired of being used and controlled by a corrupt system that steals not only money from the victims but your soul.

  • Worthless gold digging whores. I feel ya bro. Still paying here. When she didn’t hold up her end of what a marriage should be, I stopped holding up mine. Now she has my sons out of state and I don’t even have legal visitation. Can’t afford a lawyer. Aww fuck me. Nice to have a place to vent I suppose.

  • Sorry to hear about your situation. Your wife is using your children against you. That is some sad sorry shit. Bitches willing to use children as pawns. The future damage is yet to be seen as they grow into men. Stay strong my brother. We have to band together like women do and help each other out.

  • Well said.

  • With you my brother. I'm done paying now. I gave women up 18 years ago. I was married 3 fucking times. Three kids with two fucking lying ass whores. The only woman who didn't cheat was because we weren't together long enough. My father and his one brother paid trough the nose back in the 70's . Sad they both died in their early 70's. Stay strong brother.

  • To all my MGTOW brothers be strong and live your lives. No longer being victims of a society setup to take the fruits of our hard labors and give unto those who are not working. No one is owed a living. That's crazy to even think. I am still fighting the system even today. If it was up to my ex-wives I wouldn't have anything left. My one child from my first wife is now grown and I no longer pay her a dime. But the child from my second wife I have 4 more years and then I'm done with her. She recently tried to get another modification to child support and get more money. The judge denied it. She remarried and they have a kid. She is trying to get more money from me to pay for his child. The judge sided with me. Her husband is making less than I do and trying to get money from me. That's not my problem. By the way she isn't working. Our son is 14 and their daughter is 9. Point is she is capable of working with both children in school. She choses not to work and that is their prerogative . But I'm not going to pay to raise another man's child. We have to fight to change a system that is old and out dated. There are advances being made but as long as a single woman tries to make a man pay more than what is fair it hurts us all. Some judges are telling them to get a job. I work long hard hours driving a truck and making great money carrying dangerous chemicals.

  • At the end you state you dont have to be homosexual.

    We are talking about giving up women and having sexual relations with other men though, right?

  • There is always some twinkle toed cock sucker in every group. He's not talking about giving up women so you can suck dicks. He said it plain as day and still you wanted clarification cause you thought oh golly gee maybe I can find me a man to fuck me now.

  • It means giving up on sex period. Try it and see. Many aren't having relations with their partners anyway. The women usually cut them off and screw other men. So you can do without sex as many men are right now. Women use sex to manipulate us all the time. Both my wives did so. I thought ok so I find a woman to just fuck. They all wanted the same thing. They wanted a man to look after them. Work and take care of them while they stayed at home. When I stated that we are not homosexual I didn't want others thinking I meant giving up women to be with a man. If you masturbate I don't care that's up to you. Personally I have not been with a woman sexually in 10 years now and I'm just fine. I occasionally do things with male friends who believe like I do. That's where it ends though. We are brothers in a growing movement and making a difference. We will no longer be used by a system setup to take money and resources from strong men and give to weaker people who feel they are owed a living while they don't work. I stopped participating in the ritual of dating and marriage. At one point I thought I could live with a woman and not be married. But soon discovered she thought I would marry her and take care of her. She was just another woman lying about what she actually wanted. I hope that my post will give strength to those considering going it on their own. You can do it. My choice has changed my life for the better and I have but one regret. That I didn't decide to do it sooner.

  • When you say you do things with men who think alike you, do you just masturbate together or has there been some contact involved?

  • We get naked and touch each other. We make sure that needs are met by whatever means necessary. I use Boy Butter makes things nice and slick.

  • I have a fantasy where i service a group of frustrated guys by whatever means necessary too.

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