Sack of spuds

My girlfriend friend is stunning looking with an amazing body and a face you just want to cover in cum.
She has recently finished with her boyfriend and my girlfriend asked me if was passing to pop in and check on her, apparently she is not taking it well.
I dropped by a couple of times and she seemed fine, my girlfriend still wasn’t happy and said, try and have a conversation with her, she might tell you something different.
On my third visit she told me she is missing her boyfriend, I said are you missing him or the hole it’s left in your lifestyle, bit of both she said, on Monday we did this together and Tuesday this and so on, I said you need to fill your free time you spent with him doing something else, she said it’s not as easy as that, we had sex pretty much every day, sometimes twice, blimey I said, I’m doing something wrong, I’m lucky to have it once a month, really she said… my girlfriend tells her we are always having sex, I said that’s a big fat lie, I would be having sex every day if she was wanting it, what are you doing about it she said, apart from pleasuring myself nothing, that’s a waste she said, I would never let my boyfriend do that unless I was there.
She said if you’re wanting some company while you’re pleasuring yourself I’m happy to watch both of us can gain something.
Really, yes she said, I’m only watching what’s wrong with that, I watch porn she said no different.
I was well up for this and said how do we go about making this work, drop by again and you can have some fun, I said I’m working nights this week so it will have to be the following week, oh ok then, can it not be sooner I’m sure it want take long, yeah ok see what I can do.
I was about to leave and she said, how soon do you need to leave thought you might like have some fun.
Now’s good I said I’m in no rush, we both went back into the living room and she pulled the blinds, I will sit here she said and you can sit there.
I pulled my jeans down and Immediately she said wow you shave, it look lovely, as I started getting harder she said I love the size, how can your girlfriend only want that once a month.
As I continued stroking myself her eyes are fixed on my cock, I said this doing anything for you, hell yes she said, I’m wishing that cock was being pushed inside me right now, then she said I’m not sure how long I can take it, you are gonna have to push that cock inside me, as she said that she was undressing quickly, within seconds she is leaning back on the sofa, I’m on my knees sliding my cock in her pussy, I’m doing nice long slow thrusting, she is not saying or doing anything, I speed up and gave her a good 30 seconds deep hard pumping, again she is not saying or doing anything, I get one of her legs up and now have her spread wide open fucking her, her pussy looks amazing, I pull out and start licking and sucking on her pussy hole, still nothing, I go back in fucking her as hard as I can without cumming then licking her pussy, I did this several times then I pulled out and shot a load of cum over her, after the first few streams I go closer to her face emptying what’s left over her face.
She didn’t react to anything throughout, nor said a word, she just started putting her clothes back on then said, I enjoyed watching you.
I’m on my third night shift and I’m sure I will be returning, hopefully next time she might move or say something.

2 months ago

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    • Maybe try fucking her in her ass to see if she reacts.

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