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Women Are Such Cock Teasers

After I read a confession about a woman sticking her tits in a guy's forehead while doing dental work on him, it got me going about how women pull that shit all the time. You're minding your own business and they lean over you and mash their tits into you. They come up behind you and press their tits into your back, or they brush them against your... [more]

Suspended from school two days before the year ended.

There is a girl who is always making fun of me at school and never leaves me alone. My dad said that she probably likes me otherwise she wouldn't give me the time of day.
So today when she started bugging me I grabbed her arm and pulled her behind the gym and kissed her. She kissed me back and it was cool but then when I put my hand on her... [more]

Sex with Dogs!

What the hell is wrong with people anymore! I was looking through the postings and there was "many" postings about women being fucked by their dogs! At first I was thinking someone at home just bored and made up some bullshit for a laugh. The more I read I realized that their descriptions
were not all made up, they knew way too much for it to... [more]

Rock Hard

This morning I was awaken by something, maybe I heard something, but when I realized my bodies condition and I needed sex right there and now.
I could feel extreme morning wood, yes wood is common, but this was epic. It was the size i get when i'm about to get a new pussy and or very turned on. I had to rip the covers back and look at myself... [more]

Why show it if we cant look?

Women dress sexy on purpose. A little cleavage here, plunging neckline, short shorts, short skirt, thong peeking out, tight pants, yoga pants, top with no bra, skimpy bikinis.
I'm sure you know what you are showing off before you leave your home. So why are you offended when you catch me looking?
Its not as if I'm leering or rubbing my... [more]


I feel like I'm in a vice, and it's getting tighter and tighter every day. To backtrack, I've been in an open relationship for almost four years. My girlfriend and I do/did love each other, but two years ago, I took a heavy financial blow, and ended up in debt, due to family related problems. That was when she began to resent me. We met when I had... [more]

2 In 1

I REALLY want a big or long hard cock in my mouth! Between trannies, watching videos of other guys jacking off or girls sucking on a nice one, and then coming across this one guy's profile on social media who has 1 of the 2 most perfect cocks I need - it all drives me crazy! I just want one whole day to suck, lick & kiss one. Nothing else.
I... [more]

What happened to the sex we used to have?

I know this might seem shallow, but one of the reasons I married you was the awesome sex. Before the "I Do" you were the best lay I ever had, by a mile. What happened to the boyfriend who would kiss my breats, nibble my collarbone, pull my hair? What happened to the times you would play with me til I begged to come, or fuck me rough and... [more]

Alot of times...

Alot of times I feel like jacking off will change how my day goes. I start off having a great night & morning, and then the thought of watching a video & wanting to cum will pop in my head, I would do it, and then alot of times the day isn't as great as it possibly could've been afterwards. When I'm not liking how the day is going, whether I'm... [more]

My letter to every chef ever

To all you "master chefs" out there:
Well you're FUCKED! Cause... you realize that all that beautiful, delicious food you make, that you (hopefully not iterally) put all your blood, sweat and tears into... well... guess what! It all turns into shit! That's right, a painter paints a painting and it lasts forever, a musisan records a song and it... [more]


I almost got fucked this morning, almost got taken the way I like it, but once again I was disappointed. My husband made his move in bed this morning. We were getting going and we heard the children, so we moved into the bathroom. Perfect! When we're in the bathroom, he takes me doggy style and bangs me hard. I love it this way. He doesn't so... [more]

It's hard to imagine . . .

. . . that such stupidity exists, but it's nonetheless true: nobody involved in the administration of this website has yet realized that -- due to a glitch in click-throughs and reply systems -- nobody can post responses to the posts here. Nobody. And it's been going on for weeks without reaction from the administrator. Isn't that incredible?

Guy getting too close to my flirty wife

My wife is a very flirty woman, she likes to play around with guys and sometimes she lets them get physically "too close" to her. I dont think she has ever cheated on me and I dont doubt her, but theres been a couple times in the past where I know for a fact that the other guy imagined there was something else going on.
There is this guy from... [more]

Lousy Porn

I hate so many of these porn videos I come across. I still watch everyday and can find something to make me cum, if not teens then I'll see what I can find for pretty trannies. I hate finding a video with a hot/cute girl and the guy doesn't know how to fuck her properly, he's going all slow instead of fucking her brains out. How can pornstars or... [more]

My penis does not make me a freak

Guys like to talk about being well endowed like it's a good thing. Maybe that's true to some extent, but there are downsides if your penis is above a certain length.
Mine is a little over 11 inches long when erect, but I don't think it's *too* thick. The circumferences is around 6 inches, and plenty of guys with 6 inch circumference get... [more]

No girls in the world

Really starting to hate all girls. Just finding out more and more that each girl is nothing but a bitch and I'll never have any luck with them. They make me want to go crazy. Guys are so much easier to get along with. I've never considered myself bi because I'm not into guys, but it would be nice to play games with them and just hang out, maybe... [more]

Pussy smell

During the cold days my 16 year old sister gets up early and goes out to put wood in dads shop stove. That's cool, I don't get home from work till after midnight, but she puts on my coveralls. She gets up, wearing only a pair of panties, the crotch is wet and wearing my coveralls makes them smell like a wet twat.


So I'm reading about all these men who's wives have turned them into their submissive little bitches. They dress them up in their little maid outfits and such, which they seem to really be ok with? Make them do chores, watch their wives have sex with another man and swallow his seed if she wishes? The part that truly gets me, is when they say they... [more]

I dont like giving oral sex

I dont like to lick a woman's pussy, being an heterosexual man I have given oral sex many times in my life but Im aware that I only did it out of courtesy because my partner at the time would suck my cock too. I mean Im married and if my wife asks me tonight to give her oral sure I will do it, Im not discussion the fact of doing or not doing it, I... [more]

Um what?

The belief might be real, but whst they entail is false

ا աاւլ ոоէ ءеаىе бءعачىе هf dاsءочrаوемعnե

Он nо раsкاаاnعn's ا'м nот dоnع уعт ىо وет чىеd тا هт раىкاаاnعn'ا . ى шاll тعlا аlه اf уهч اf уهч dهn'т اiкا عт هн щعlا. аه ااf уоч аrع а ъهтнعr аnd а рىعт аlىо...

Iт's wаrмعr هn sهmع dауs тнan اt ىا отнеrى

Тоdау's а liттlе wаrмеr аnd mаубе it'ى nоt неاl tнаt اm اivاng اn...мaуطе اt'ى раrаdاsе...'сачىе аt اеаىт тhى عчn هءмعs чр...аnd thعrى'ع wаrm wеаthعr...аt اeаىt هn ىомع dауا...ىtى rعaاlу nهt sط هаd...

Is iт еvеn rigнт?, теll ме тнат sтчff

Окау sо тоdау I wаs rеаdin' тнат soме раsкiаinеn's аrе gоin' то deleте му соммеnтs frом отнеr siтеs...теll me what's wrong with them...сачse I sчrе wanт то кnоw...

Iт's cоld аnd I'м теlling мysеlf тнат I'м living in неll!

Тнеrе's nо неат in тнis plаcе аnd I'м frееzing...маinly беcаusе оf мy dеаr dаd тне pаsкiаinеn!

Let's go back why don't we?

Let me take you back to the beginnin' right now, I found this nice little place to post and I'll admit its got out of hand with all the comments mostly from me to a few posts. Anyhow I guess what I want to tell everyone is maybe it shouldn't have.

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