Rant Confessions

Sick fucks

Anyone else sick of seeing the disgusting paedophiles storys. Some openly admitting abusing their young children? Why isn't something being done about it? Go and die you sick fucks

Rest Stops

I just started dating this guy and we're at that point in the relationship where we can't keep our hands off each other. We recently were coming back home from a weekend away and the drive was long, about six hours. We were making good time but started getting way hot for each other. I started giving my bf road head but he said he wanted some... [more]

What the bloody hell?

What the hell is up with all this transgendered bullshit nowadays? We got eight year old boys refusing to use the boys restroom because he feels like he is a girl. There is not a prepubescent child in the world that has the mental maturity to "decide" what sex he or she wants to be. Sex is not something we can choose, you either have a penis or a... [more]

Sex with Dogs!

What the hell is wrong with people anymore! I was looking through the postings and there was "many" postings about women being fucked by their dogs! At first I was thinking someone at home just bored and made up some bullshit for a laugh. The more I read I realized that their descriptions
were not all made up, they knew way too much for it to... [more]

Threeway bad vibe

I'm 30f, and I was friends with Brenda (39f) for five years. We had lunch nearly daily, were tight, and still work in the same department for our company.
Brenda is married, and last month she asked me to be the third wheel in a threesome with her husband. She wanted to do it for him as a 40th birthday gift. She was reluctant to ask anyone... [more]

Threesome gone bad

My husband Matt had been dropping hints for a couple of years that he wanted to try a threesome. (We're both 26.) I was initially against it, but gradually warmed up to the idea. We decided to take the plunge last weekend. For our third wheel, I asked one of my female acquaintances from work. I'll call her Jane. She's 20, single, and is a fun... [more]

WTF Arechaclitoral?

I'm just back from holiday and see that you fuckers have run her off the site. You suck! She was the best!


So I'm reading about all these men who's wives have turned them into their submissive little bitches. They dress them up in their little maid outfits and such, which they seem to really be ok with? Make them do chores, watch their wives have sex with another man and swallow his seed if she wishes? The part that truly gets me, is when they say they... [more]

The big LIAR on this site

Type in the word 'ronnie' on this site in the search box, and you will see a lot of different bull shit stories by a supposedly 14, 15 or 16 year old girl. (In 3 months 'shes' aged 3 years go figure) well this is not a little pretty teen who likes having her nipples played with. This is my dirty old fat as fucccck, butt ugly ex. I found all these... [more]

Fuck Reparation

Why any you fucking people think white people should pay reparation to black people who were NEVER slaves. What the fuck is wrong with you people? YOU WERE NEVER SLAVES!!!! Dumb motherfuckers!!!

Young curious

Our family had relatives visiting so my brother and I ended up sleeping together. I was perhaps 10 and he was 12. I don't know exactly how it happened but at one point I ended up with his penis in my hand.
I then began to move my hand and jack him off. He unloaded onto the sheets and I remember thinking about mom washing those sheets... [more]

Fuck this Site

Remember the website JustRage? That shithole is dead but apparently some of these Websites like this one where people post confessions that allow anonymous comments on every post gets the same amount of stupid childish morons who think they are tough behind their keyboard by hurling insults and leaving very retarded comments on every post there... [more]

What really burns my ass

The one thing that really burns my ass is a flame, about 30 inches high. Asides from that , I've really had it with them God damned aliens and their anal probes. Them scrawny assed little, big headed freaks travel millions of light years to come to Earth, and what the fuck do they do when they get here? Fucking anal probes. Don't these fuckers... [more]

Neighbor getting fresh with my wife

This Sunday morning my wife went outside to our backyard to pick up some toys and basically clean around, I was inside the house in my office when I saw our neighbor get close to talk to her.
My wife was wearing these very short shorts and she was barefoot so I could see she was looking kinda sexy and I guess got a little protective that... [more]

Comments gone and postings edited

Just like the title says. Maybe we went too far for the moderator or maybe the internet police decided they had the moral right to infringe on our 1st amendment. Either way, there goes another confession site.


It's funny how people bitch all the time about not having enough money to buy groceries for 1 week, but let a pandemic hit and these same motherfuckers all of a sudden have enough money to buy 2 months worth of groceries at once.

Why does everyone want to see women shaved ?

Why does it have to be that women are expected to smooth and shaven ?
Is it because they think them selves as preteens ?
Or is it that the men who are fucking them would rather be fucking pubescent young girls ?
I think that neatly a trimmed triangle of pubic hair between a woman's legs is a beautiful sight and great to feel as you... [more]

Site Navigation

Does anybody else here find this site Impossible to navigate?
You cant go backwards to the first post or to any other pages so unless you spend an hour going through old posts so you will never get to read them all.
All those old stories are wasted.
There is also nothing to indicate stories you have already read.
This site has great content... [more]

Made to Service

My husband and I have been married for over 4 years now. He convinced me to have sex with another man. Big mistake! Yes the sex was great but now my husband treats me like a hooker. When he has buddies over to play poker or watch football. He makes me dress up wearing one of my Victoria Secrets outfits and service them. First by acting like a... [more]

Our Father who aint in fucking heaven

I grew up in the church. My mother was very devout woman. She was a good woman. My father died when I was eight years old. He was killed in a work related accident. So mom leaned even more on the church for support. It was there that the Father prayed with us and consoled us. I was lost and alone and scared. The Father spent time with me and got... [more]

This site

I reckon most of these confessions are by 50 year + old men who fantasise about the most taboo things as they can’t get it up anymore. It’s the comments they get off to. I like porn myself but I’ve seen it’s consequences wreck lives where people want more and more taboo stuff just to get off- where will it end.

Big penis myth

Ok I’m going to clear up the big penis myth from a personal perspective.
For years media, entertainment, even society itself has been telling us that a guy with a large penis has a much easier time attracting women than guys with small or even average size cocks.
This is bullshit in my humble opinion.
I can tell you that my penis is 8.5 inches... [more]

Thought I was open minded...guess not!

I always kinda thought I was open minded. After reading a lot of confessions it tells me I am not. I skip the gay/bi guy sex BS. read to many married/Bi guy stories and it was clear they now chasing dicks to suck because they can't get any pussy not even from their wives.
What we don't need is more tranny crap. Guys chasing the ultimate thing... [more]

Hard to be a nanny

Sorry for the rant, but I left my job today because I am sick as hell of people's husbands thinking that I'm gonna fool around just because i watch their kids.
I was at my charge's house alone for a couple hours today after dropping them off for daycamp and waiting to pick them up when their dad came home. He went to take a shower and came out... [more]

Women using Men's Restrooms

I was at a concert last night with my bf and the lines to the women's restrooms were crazy long. And they had maybe twice as many men's restrooms than women's rooms. I told my bf fuck that, we're missing the show, so I got in line to the men's room.
It was kind of amusing, I could see guys giggling, but I needed relief, so when a urinal opened... [more]

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