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Husband's habit

I'm in my late 40s and going through menopause. I enjoyed sex a lot back in the day, but I have a pretty low drive at this point. I know people can say, "Go to the doctor and get hormone therapy" and the like, but really I'm fine with having a low sex drive. It's no big deal to me. It's normal. I'm healthy.
I've been married to my husband for... [more]

Threesome gone bad

My husband Matt had been dropping hints for a couple of years that he wanted to try a threesome. (We're both 26.) I was initially against it, but gradually warmed up to the idea. We decided to take the plunge last weekend. For our third wheel, I asked one of my female acquaintances from work. I'll call her Jane. She's 20, single, and is a fun... [more]

My daughter lost her virginity

My wife just informed me that our 14 year old daughter is no longer a virgin. This kid who has been coming to the house as her "friend" ended up being her boyfriend and he fucked her!
I asked my wife if she already knew about this, she told me that our daughter had told her they were boyfriend/girlfriend but they didnt want to tell me because... [more]

Can't believe it

So, Ive been dateing this really hot chick for the past 6 months, and she's a really devout Christian who doen't believe in premarital sex. I was seeing another chick on the side because I seriously can't go 6 months without sex.
So, anyway, we got married two weeks ago, because she's really fucking hot, and we get along really well even... [more]

Threeway bad vibe

I'm 30f, and I was friends with Brenda (39f) for five years. We had lunch nearly daily, were tight, and still work in the same department for our company.
Brenda is married, and last month she asked me to be the third wheel in a threesome with her husband. She wanted to do it for him as a 40th birthday gift. She was reluctant to ask anyone... [more]

Really long sex

I'm 22 years old my bf is 25. We have an amazing sex life it's everything i want expect for one thing. He very rarely cums ever. We have fucked for almost 2 hours determined to get him off no luck. He says the sex still feels good but i feel bad i get off so many times and he never does. I imagine alot of you thinking at least he is not a one... [more]

What the bloody hell?

What the hell is up with all this transgendered bullshit nowadays? We got eight year old boys refusing to use the boys restroom because he feels like he is a girl. There is not a prepubescent child in the world that has the mental maturity to "decide" what sex he or she wants to be. Sex is not something we can choose, you either have a penis or a... [more]

Rest Stops

I just started dating this guy and we're at that point in the relationship where we can't keep our hands off each other. We recently were coming back home from a weekend away and the drive was long, about six hours. We were making good time but started getting way hot for each other. I started giving my bf road head but he said he wanted some... [more]

Cellulite comments

I'm 38 female and married for 10 years. We're good, have one kid, and enjoy hanging out with friends. My husband is way into playing Pokemon Go and so are some of his game playing friends. We went out to play with a couple of his guy friends on community day and then have lunch and a few drinks. My husband reached the top tier level 40 in the game... [more]

Is it just me?

I love reading these posts, gets me hard - until the minute someone puts their or their wives weight and measurements down. It totally ruins it for me. Your stories are great until I see for example 115lbs 34d- 28- 40 blah blah fucking blah. Ladies come In all shapes and sizes, there's no need to kill the story by putting all these random numbers... [more]

I tried to commit suicide over bullying on Naughtyposts.com

I was bullied so much I was put in hospital for an overdose of pills and cutting my wrist and stomach after so much abuse for 3 months. don't go on there. they are evil.

Comments gone and postings edited

Just like the title says. Maybe we went too far for the moderator or maybe the internet police decided they had the moral right to infringe on our 1st amendment. Either way, there goes another confession site.

Women Are Such Cock Teasers

After I read a confession about a woman sticking her tits in a guy's forehead while doing dental work on him, it got me going about how women pull that shit all the time. You're minding your own business and they lean over you and mash their tits into you. They come up behind you and press their tits into your back, or they brush them against your... [more]

Fake or not, how about diversity

I've come to realise that most stories on this website are fake. I'm actually fine with that, but can we please stop telling the same damn stories with the same fucking kinks? I can't believe how many cuckold stories there are here. Be creative!

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