I secretly subscribe to my mom's Onlyfans

I guess I should begin with saying I always had sexual fantasies about my mom. I never wanted to actually fuck her, but I sure did enjoy thinking about it. Going through puberty, I would masturbate to fantasies about eating her pussy and I even devised a way so I could secretly watch her take a shower and peep on her.
It was a month ago after walking into a conversation between her and her friend, did I learn about her having an Onlyfans. After her and my dad divorced, she told her friend that the website was a helpful source of income. I can believe it, because even at age 48, my mom is still an attractive woman and I can easily see why guys would want to see her naked.
I know I still do.
I was able to find her profile on the site after going through her phone one day while she was making us dinner one evening at her place. After jotting down her url, I went home after dinner, made a profile with a phony name so she wouldn't know it was me, and joined her site.
All I can say is, "Wow!". There was my mom. Her tits on full display. Extreme close up of her nips and areola. Something I never saw that well, even when I used to watch her shower. Then there she was on the bed, legs spread, opening her pussy so everyone could see how wet and pink she was. Next? Bent over on the bed, her sweet puckered little asshole being showed to the world. I grabbed my bottle of hand lotion and I came so hard after jerking off to her naked pictures.
It progressed. I got up the nerve to message her and we chatted about all kinds of dirty stuff. For a fee, I was able to send her a dick pic and have her rate my cock and tell me how much she would love to suck on it. Then for more money, she made me a video where she fucked herself with a dildo. I even got her to roleplay as my mom after telling her it was a turn on for me, so all throughout the video my actual mom is saying stuff like, "Want to see mommy shove this long hard plastic dick in and out of her warm, wet pussy? Don't you wish it was yours?". Then I got a second phone so we could send sexy texts, just so I could tell her how much I want to fuck her and suck on her tits.
Is it healthy I'm doing this? Probably not. Is it honest? Hell no. But I'm having fun and cumming so fucking hard after my mom and me have our sexy time. I rationalize it as we're not really having intercourse, and I am helping her pay her bills and stash some dough in the bank.
As a final note, please don't anyone ask me what her page is, I won't tell. Last thing I need is someone telling her about this post and her finding out her actual son subscribes on her page. I don't want her feeling creeped out and I don't want our sexy fun to end.

1 month ago


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    • You gone this far. You won't be satisfied until you fuck her.

    • Nice. You should see if she's willing to sell you a pair of her panties.

    • She already did. I sniff them as I'm jerking off while I fantasize about fucking her.

    • Would you fuck her if you got the chance?

    • I don't know. I get crazy hard at the thought of entering her pussy.

    • Cum inside her?

    • Definitely

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