Married with a gf

I had been married for just under two years when I started my affair with a co-worker. My wife was about 8 months pregnant when it started. My co-worker was sexy, flirty and fun. We would have sex at work, after work, meet up on the side of a road, I'd skip my college classes and meet whenever and wherever we could. Some of the most exciting times is when I'd get home and my wife would give me a bj, sucking my gf's juices off of my cock or I'd fuck my wife with my gf's juices still on me.

My wife's sexual appetite was through the roof and the only thing that made it better was when I got my gf pregnant. Having two horny women wanting to fuck all the time was the best. I am currently looking for another gf that would like to share her juices to my unknowing wife.

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  • Yeah, knock up a third one.

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