hate women

I hate older women who look in good shape and how entitled and pig faced they are and you can tell they drink alcohol hard and fuck hard. I seen one today and I thought as she walked past , "you fucking old bully bitch" and "I wish I could kill you" and "I bet you pushed and bashed every woman around to get to the top" cuz all women who are in the top jobs and top marriages with big money and fame, they are the real fuck fighters of the world. I hate them and I wish someone would just kill them all. They usually drives flash cars. Dress like they are a horny night club teen still and walk with a look like "I will kill get out of my way" I hate them. I just hate them. Then you have to old dithery type would want to bible bash you and bang you up with their own class shaming of if you are not rich. Or you got the foggy mol set who hang out at pubs and drink and whore around battle scared whores. do drugs. Most women run fast from all these kinds of bitches. You get the rich bitch spoilers and young cutie pies and drinkers who dress tarty. I don't even hang around any of these types. I hate englands bitches. Most of the old women there are really old bitches. and the queen fits into all these roles. I hate her. she has robbed me. scamming old bitch . women are bad up to no good especially the married ones and the only reason they have kids is to feel special. there is birth control or self control but most women were never taught it and need to learn it.


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  • WTF! heck yourself in to a hospital.

  • Check yourself into a hospital.

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