Rant Confessions

This Site really is full of morons

Like the commenters on this site really are stupid as fuck you all come here because you would never say shit like you do on here in real life because you all have no lives or jobs outside of this dumbass site

The last 10 Updates here

Judging by the horrible grammar and spelling the last 10 confessions were written by the same moron

The pawn wife

My wife is a ex meth user she had pawned everything sometimes I wonder if she pawned her body for dope. She don't work so I the bread winner. We got into it the other day next day she goes and pawns her ring . I have GPS in all are vehicles. I told what she go pawn she said her ring needed gas money of course her cogs what not. So its are... [more]

It Should be Made Legal to Physically Assault Walmart Employees

Hey Walmart how about instead of harassing customers with a camera how about you do your fucking jobs and go open a register instead if you see guys with a camera than they are just trying to have fun and are not harming anyone but after me and my friends tried to film a vlog these asshole Walmart Employees tried to block us from entering the... [more]

Kill Michelle Carter

Fucking Michelle Carter is a stupid attention wanting bitch that drove her Boyfriend to suicide and is only getting 15 Months, bullshit this fucking bitch deserves 15 years and a knife stabbed deep into her Vagina Again and Again. If I was her boyfriend and she texted me to go kill myself I would text her back and tell her to go kill her ownself... [more]

All of you dumbass Karens need to get the fuck beaten out of you

If some dumbass Karen coughed in my face I would punch that stupid bitch in the face and beat the fuck out of her and rip her hair out before kicking her in the head. Then I would scratch and claw her eyes out and I would give her a reason to couch by wrapping my hands around her neck and choking her and then punch her in the throat until she... [more]

Go eat a bucket of KFC Trump you Fat Fuck

I am so angry with Trump and his dumbass braindead, brainwashed supporters it's pathetic that these Trumptards refuse to move on. Hey Trumptards TRUMP LOST GET OVER IT AND GO KILL YOURSELVES. Trump go eat a bucket of KFC and continue to get fat and I hope your fat orange ass explodes.

Go eat a bucket of fuck, Joe

I'm already sick of Biden's act. I'm so sorry I voted for him and wish I could take it back. I apologize to everyone for my horrible mistake. He's just a P.O.S.

Brandon the Gum Throwing Loser

I was just minding my own business until Brandon a fucking dumbass that never does his class work and is always trying to piss me off because he's an attention seeker and as we were watching a movie in class and Brandon's disgusting ass chews pieces of gum, wads them in a ball and throws them at me.
He threw three pieces of gum at me and as... [more]

Dumbass Black People

To the stupid nigger that commented on the post about friends; you truly are a stupid piece of Ghetto Trash and your life doesn't and will never matter.
Always gotta comment stupid ass shit because all of you dumbass niggers wat to do is talk shit and want attention all because you all got daddy issues.
You ain't gonna kidnap and rape anyone... [more]

Pervert Shoe Salesman

I went to Shoe Carnival to find a pair of new shoes and as a Shoe Salesman approached me and making recommendations on what shoes I should wear and what my shoe size is, he does something very unprofessional, disgusting and it violated me.
So as the Shoe Salesman used the Measuring Device to measure my foot the idiot examined my foot then he... [more]

U r correct

Yes baby! U should lock ur doors! Because I'm coming in and taking u to pound town! Im going to impregnate u right on ur motherfucking bed when ur husband is away! Try me! We would make good parents!

Only Fans

To all or any women!!! I ain't spending money on ur onlyFans!!! What makes u soo special that I shouldn't watch free porn over u!! Exactly..Nothing! U all r just some low self esteem whores and think u should be paid for showing ur yeast infected pussy and watch it get pound out because yall busted up wanna be pornstars! Yall just fat..out of... [more]

Conservatives are all Attention Seekers

Conservatives piss me off so much mainly because they come on here to spew their bullshit because they are so desperate for Attention.
Get your facts straight before spewing your stupidity here because All Politicians are Rich so it doesn’t matter who we vote for the last guy was too incompetent and clearly unfit to be President and he’s also a... [more]

Chris-Chan Raped His/Her Mother

I'm sure most of you if not all of you know who Chris-Chan is? The biggest Manchild on the whole internet and the creator of that God Awful Sonichu Comic. Well years ago he had a Sex Change despite years on insulting the LGBTQ Community and now Chris-Chan is going to Jail after Raping his/her own Mother.
For the longest time Chris-Chan has done... [more]

Insecure about my body

So I've been insecure about my body for a long time. I'm 5'6 and 220 pounds, but much of my weight is in my stomach and my thighs. I still have a waist and you can feel my ribs. My back has basically no fat at all, excluding my love handles. I like my thick thighs and round ass, and have been told that my waistline is attractive for a fatter... [more]

What is wrong with the guys on this site...

I have posted many stories on this site that are absolute true and some that are bulk shit. Either that way the story police feel the need to tell you that they know even the true stories are bull shit!
Why the fuck do you even care? If you don't believe it then move on. If your life is so lame that you don't have any good stories to tell move... [more]

I Hate All Women

It pisses me off on Twitter that there is always some sexist attention wanting bitch wants to spew hate towards men wishing men were all dead or calling men trash but if a man talks shit about women these bitches get instantly triggered.
Yeah if you can't take getting called out on your bullshit then don't say anything in the first place just... [more]

Is she done?

I keep reading articles saying Pres. Biden will resign or be removed from office "by the end of this year" due to alleged "incompetence". I didn't vote for him OR Trump, but I honestly don't see much decline from his mental state during last year's campaign and election. Do you think he is actually slipping, and thus, that the country really is... [more]

Why in the fuck do we give State Aid to farmers?

I'm sorry, but Farm Aid is bullshit. These fucking farmers are given shitload of money every year from the taxpayers.
You can go to farm dot ewg dot org and see all the farmers in your area and how much money they receive every year from farm aid. I don't get subsidies every year from the government, so why in the fuck are these rich farmers... [more]

Fuck Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerburg is a fucking idiot that clearly needs to resign from Facebook because he plays favorites, has let power go straight to his head, and has falsely suspended and banned users over dumbass shit and has profited on his own bullshit.
There are a number of groups who dedicate themselves to hate and harassment and anytime you report... [more]

Destroy Susan Wojcicki

This stupid bitch ruined Youtube, what were the execs thinknig putting this incompetent cunt in charge of YouTube. She's banned youtubers for no reason, she refused to ban Logan Paul after every dumbass thing that loser has done, she clearly has a vendetta against smaller youtubers, and she implemented COPPA so why is this stupid bitch still... [more]

Women are Trash

This is to a certain dumb bitch on here ranting about shit, trolls, and people on here. Go die of aids you stupid bitch, also women post on here all the time and are complete and total attention whores so go die of aids.

Special Snowflake White and The Seven Dorks

I am so enraged that some fucktards are mad because the Snow White ride at Disneyland is sexual assault. Like did any of you miserable retards ever read or listen to snow white back in school, then again I don't think these fucktards learned anything in school because they showed outrage everytime they got F's on their report cards.
Snow White... [more]

Is it?

Is all women a bitch? I never used to think it is true, but now I think totally so . . . . . . EVERY single one is!!!!
TOO MANY BITCH!!! All woman MUST have to belong to bitch club! First rule from bitch club is you NEVER talk about bitch club. Second rule from bitch club is if its your first time in bitch club, you HAVE to bitch!!
But... [more]

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