Women are Stupid and Useless

Some stupid bitch on Twitch said that if a Man cheats on a woman it's a man's fault but if a woman cheats on a man it's his fault for being a shitty lover. No you stupid bitch it's your fault because you women are too goddamn inbred and stupid to know your fucking place in this world and saying shit like that is like saying "Hit me please because i'm a sexist uneducated feminist who needs to be punched in the face to learn my lesson." To that stupid bitch on Twitch that said that you deserve to be punched in the face because if a man cheats on a woman it's a woman's fault for being stupid cunts.

I have no use for any woman on this fucking Earth because I HATE ALL WOMEN and wish all women were wiped off the face of existence. Women you want to know why you stay single don't blame men take some fucking responsibility because of how fucking stupid you all are. I have no interest in women because you all are clearly too goddamn brainless to know your place in existence. Women you will never be equal to men because you are all inferior in every way shape and form.

If any of you stupid bitches are triggered than guess what tough titties I don't give a shit because if a man can't hit a woman then why should a woman hit a man because if you laid a hand on me I WOULD BEAT THE GODDAMN FUCKING SHIT OUT OF YOU and break every bone in your worthless bodies. To any of you wide eyed, red headed triggered feminists if you dare look at me with your triggered expressions I'll take a power drill and gouge your eyes permanently and then I would stab you all in your vaginas before killing you.

Death to all women.

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  • Soon enough you'll act upon that attitude with the wrong woman, and she'll take a baseball bat or a billy club or a nine-iron and beat you into the hospital. It's inevitable. Maybe that'll teach you the lesson you need to learn: DO NOT DARE DISRESPECT THE FEMALE OF THE SPECIES. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . BITCH.

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